Uncharted territory and too much steak

  • When:11/02/2016
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Pudding Pop, Joker, Floorslapper, Bubbly, Chin Music, Buttermaker, Jet Fuel, Stump hugger, Ringer, Body Bag, Spackler, Lex Luthor

Uncharted territory and too much steak

13 pax decided to come to Death Valley this am. To witness greatness.

15 IW – CAD
15 SSH – CAD
10 Merkins – CAD

Mosey down to Alexis neighborhood
Partner up
One partner runs down wycomb another runs wyman. Meet in the middle.
Round 1
Hand slap merkins – 20
Round 2
100 cdd’s
Round 3
Lbc’s – 100

11’s on the hill off Wyman – Squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom

Mosey back to Launch
wind sprints –

Mosey to Ball park – Partner work again – 3 ish rounds
1. Supine pull ups
2. Derkins
3. Dips

Mosey up to top
15 Merkins – CAD
30 Boone Crunch – CAD


I knew that it was going to be bad this morning as I gorged myself last night on steak and wine and well…… a lot of each and knew that it was going to be a struggle to rally and function for my q this morning. normally on days like this I just fade away and don’t come but I have responsibilities so here we are. To my memory I can’t remember us every going into this neighborhood so I decided to try something different. It was great an seemed to work out well for us, of course I was getting lapped by basically everyone so that made me feel special.
After the partner work I knew we needed to do some more running so the 11’s were called. Butter is very angry and thought that I was going to move them to 7’s. I pushed through not without almost having the merlot spill.
It was great seeing everyone out there. Regulars some new guys who have become regulars. It was great seeing Stumphugger, haven’t seen you in a while brother and great catching up. don’t be a stranger.

Annoucements – F3 Soccer – November 19th – Body bag has the details, connect with him and he will fill you in. We need some guys to sign up to fill a team.

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SpacklerPosted on10:42 am - Nov 2, 2016

You smelled of USDA Prime shame

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