Rock Em

  • When:10/19/16
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Good Hands, Transporter, Das Boot, Bratwurst, Joy, Jingles, Bouchet, Rockwell, Backsplash, Enron, Das Boot, The Greasy Monkey

Rock Em

13 for some lifting and some running

Partner up

1 partner fetch a big rock

Catch me if you can to the back of the school.

Rock Work:

P1 up and over wall
P2 Good mornings with rock

P1 Stagger merkins right
P2 run
Flapjack repeato left hand staggered

P1 curls
P2 run

P1 trip extensions
P2 run

P1 dolly press
P2 run

P1 flutter press
P2 run

Worked in a couple 10 counts and some peoples chair

Catch me if you can to take the rocks home.

Curbwork with legs/merkins/monkeyhumpers/etc

Head bank for 6MOM and burpees

0615 on my watch not Brats

Good workout men. Thanks for following as I wandered through another lightly planned morning.

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Tiger-RagPosted on3:54 pm - Oct 20, 2016

If anyone ever asks about #WhiskeyDicking, point them to this lightly-planned “backblast.”

BananasPosted on9:09 pm - Oct 20, 2016

Touché. This was done from an iPhone with a barely guilty conscience. #bigwhiskyd

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