Qing on PBo time…

  • When:10/17/16
  • QIC: Egypt
  • The PAX: One Eye, Love Bug, Hamlet, Pele, Doogie, 'Bout Time, Chappy, Pothole, Cheese Curd, Hannibal, Egypt (LILO)

Qing on PBo time…

…and to steal a line from a recent Nash BB: Times I saw on the clock: 0509, 0526. At 0509, OK, I’ll get up in a minute and get my Q-face on. At 0526, Holy crapola, the workout starts in 4 minutes, and I live 2.5 minutes away, by Maserati. Time to get moving.

Fly in HOT to the Carmel Rd Park lot at 0534, no one around. Quick headlight scan of the Church @ Charlotte lot in case they’re hanging out there. Nope, these are chiseled Carmel Road Park pax, which means only 1 thing: They’ve vacated this awesome city park/church AO and are heading to the home of the Cougars (#cougarpride!).

YHC found them, as expected, 1/2 way down Camilla, having stopped at each speed bump for 10 burpees. Park the #swagjeep in the principal’s spot at CMS, apologize profusely, and wrestle the Q back from One Eye, who was planning on 41 more minutes of burpees.

The Remaining Thang

  • Circle up for Cross-Fit Merkin Spiral of Death: 1 X-fit merkin together, 10 squats IC. 2 X-fit merkins, 10 wide-arms IC. 3 X-fits, 10 jumping lunges, keep the pattern of increasing # of X-fits and 10 of something in cadence: Remainder was Freddy Mercury, Dolly, Michael Phelps, Carolina Dry Docks, WWII sit ups, flutters and plank jacks.
  • 7s of jump-ups and merkins
  • Fast mosey to the South Park Youth Association Girls’ Field Hockey (TM) field.
  • Line up on sideline – sprint across and back, backward run across and back. Partner wheelbarrow across and back, partner carry across and back, lunge walk across, karaoke back, repeato the partner wheelbarrows (crowd pleaser).
  • Partner sprint across and back while other does 10 merkins, 10 Russian Twists. complete 3x
  • Mary on the wet grass, since Hannibal said his clothes were still too dry: Blue Devils to heaven, scissors, protractor, Boone left and right, LBC x30
  • Mosey to CMS entrance, resist tempation to pile in the #swagjeep and head home. Run back on Camilla, stopping for 2 Megaburpees (5 merkins on each) at each speed hump. Dolly in the lot until 0615

Nekkid Man Moleskin’

  • YHC has slept thru an excessively self-promoted Q before (1-year anniversary of Armor), and joined a few workouts in-progress, but this is the first one I’ve joined in-progress as the Q, and been able to use almost all of what I had planned. Expected to do this stuff at Carmel Pres and the CCDS track, but Carmel Middle and the SPYA field worked just fine.
  • Cobains to the Pax for the odd start. T-claps to One Eye for stepping into the temporary leadership void, and listening to the one word his brain could produce on such short notice (‘Burpees’!!). YHC did run back to his parking spot and complete the burpees along the way (#Qtegrity).
  • This may have been the quietest group of Pax I’ve ever led through a workout, including when there were only 2 people in the driving rain. There was plenty of opportunity to heckle a Q who shows up 5 minutes late, but these reserved, or more likely just incredibly kind, gentlemen said nary a word. We could have done the Spiral of Death in someone’s backyard and not awoken an infant or dog with mumblechatter. Clearly Film Fest’s alarm malfunctioned too.
  • Announcements: Surprisingly, not much. YHC announced the CLT Marathon / Half in a few weeks, which he may or may not be doing. Chappy is running his usual no-train marathon at Kiawah in December. Just avoid stepping on wherever Dredd did last year.


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