Burpees, Walls and Sprints

  • When:10/13/16
  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: Soft Pretzel, Bird Cage, Kielbasa, General, Fire Hazard (QIC)

Burpees, Walls and Sprints

Four men showed up in the gloom with some time left for introductions and small talk. The clock struck 5:15 and we were off to the school bus parking lot before the diesel fumes got too bad. During the short mosey in a black car came tearing in to on 2 wheels. Glad to see that general could make it out. He had HC’d the day before and I have never seen him miss an HC. Evidently, there was an emergency pit stop at the gas station.

Warm up:

All in cadence

10 – windmills

15 – Indian Walkers

10 – Merkins

A little plank work

15 Mountain Climbers

Then we moseyed over to the playgrounds for a couple of rounds of exercises and laps.

round 1 –

20 step ups

run to the picnic tables

20 Decline Merkins

Run to the small playground

20 big boy dips

round 2


20 pull-ups (rest and shake it out or modify if needed)

run to the picnic tables

20 Incline Merkins

Run to the small playground

20 big boy dips

Plank work between rounds while we re-grouped

Head to the walkway by the busses for a 50 yard lunge walk and a 50 yard bear crawl

Over to the short walls in front of the school.

2 pairs and a Q tagalong work toward 100 burpees per pair. One partner does burpees the other jumps 3 walls and then heads back.

Some wall sits to rest our upper body then over to the parking spaces for some sprints.

Birdcage suggested some abs so we did an extra long session of protractor to ablige him. Then for the suicides.

I cant remember exactly what we did, but there were suicides, backward suicides, bear crawls, crab walks and an extra long suicide.

Finally some Mary to end it all.


The Moleskin:

It was a great day in the gloom and I for one was smoked after the burpee walls and sprints.

General was leading the way the whole time as usual. I have gotten used to Qing from behind him. Kielbasa and Birdcage were both pushing hard today and have keep getting stronger and faster. It was great to see the prodigal Soft Pretzel back at The Arsenal. Pretzel always has a strong showing at all of his posts.


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