Butter is angry about back blasts.

  • When:09/24/2016
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Dear Abby, Alf, Buttermaker and Bounce

Butter is angry about back blasts.

A little late on the back blast and Butter is getting upset.

4ish pax decided to join for me out the hinterlands for a little yogging and merkins. Since this is a few days late I will probably forget most of it.

Mosey around the field and COP at the BBall courts

15 IW – CAD
15 Merkin – CAD

The thing with which we did.

Jog out of the AO and headed over to ELM to Bonnie Briar Cir.
Partner up. one runs one way the other the other (its a play on words).
15 Hand slap merkins
15 Derkins at the start
Second round
50 total LBC’s
15 Derkins

Mosey over to Hemingford Ct.
11’s Jump squats at the top and Merkins at the bottom

Mosey back to the AO.
Rock work –
Curls – 15 CAD
rotate – Presses 15 CAD
Rotate – Curls 15 CAD
Rotate – Presses 15 CAD

PArtner runs
250 Curls while other partner runs to the curve on the track.
150 Presses while other partner runs to the curve on the track.

Mosey –
Peoples chair
100 Arm Presses


Little late on the this. Buttermaker texted me today to voice his frustration. Apparently he gets all excited about Twitter and now is freaking out about back blasts. Too much to share. Brought out the whole gang for this one. A whopping four guys showed up, Alf was a little upset that I was leading and well, pretty sure I let him down. He is so angry now that he is in Management. I remember when we was laid back……well….more laid back than he is now. You’ve change man….

Bounce is always there to say awkward things and well be awkward. He was pushing me to make Alf and Butter do some weird exercises.

Dear Abby came running up, dude still did 4+ miles on his own. Strong work.

Last comment was butter “dude we did 4, I didn’t think it was going to be that hard”. Thanks man. Great being friends with you.

Southern Discomfort sign ups. I won’t be doing but I’m sure there will be some people out there so ISI and such.


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AlfPosted on4:04 pm - Sep 27, 2016

Semi – you didn’t let me down. The first 50 minutes was a solid workout with 4+ miles and swole beach muscles. The last 10 minutes were finished off by committee. And after the Balls to the Wall call, Dear Abby is off the committee.

This corporate job is high stress. We can’t all be care free.

MargoPosted on9:21 pm - Sep 27, 2016

Men –
Please use link below to sign up for Southern Discomfort on 10/22. We are also giving back to our community by collecting items for “The Relatives”. Please bring any of the items below to your next posting and give to the Site Q’s.


Single Snack Packs– They come in a box and have individually packed snacks. Such as granola bars, chips, goldfish, Nabisco with Chips Ahoy, Oreo, etc.

$10 Gift cards to stores– Target, Walmart, etc.

Bus Passes– One way passes are preferred. They are $2.20 each.

Cash Donation– Give to your site Q’s and we will go out and purchase the items listed above.

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