Over the River and Through the Woods

  • When:09/16/16
  • QIC: Puddin' Pop
  • The PAX: Lobstah Roll, Yeti, Two Scoops, Starbucks, Sweeny Todd, Joystick, Hoover, Duct Work, Header, Spackler, Semi-Gloss, Gummy, Uncle Leo, Jet Fuel, Hammer, Stone Cold, Puddin' Pop (QIC)

Over the River and Through the Woods

16 men of south Charlotte decided to join me on a beautiful morning at Charlotte Christian.  As the men gathered I had to inform Stone Cold that my hammy’s were still on fire from his Good Mornings at the Convergence; as were my quads from hairburners, thanks as well TR.  Best discussion point though was trying to figure out who had the best bed-head, Leo or Gloss.  I’d give it a tie, as both were quite marvelous in their grandeur.  Anywho, usual good fit crew at Joust, disclaimer given, and off we went.

Mosey to football field for COP



Mtn. Climber

Squat Hold (Eddie the Eagle)


Enough of that, here’s the thing

Run back around track, end at base of Grandma Mtn.

7’s on the hill (Q fail with explanation, thanks Gummy); merkins at top, jump squats at bottom

Gather at the bottom at corner of track below Gma and first stadium staircase, get in groups of three.

P1 – run up Gma to jungle gym, 10 pull ups, then 20 LBCs

P2 – run up first stadium staircase, at top do 25 CDDs, then 20 Dollys

P3 – run lap around track

Rotate through each station one time, timing seemed to work out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Mosey to near end zone, stay in groups of three for Grinders

P1 in near end zone – wide arms

P2 in far end zone – diamonds

P3 – running 100 yd timer

Changed exercises to H2H and Rosalitas after several rounds

Mosey to nearest stadium staircase.  Instructions given to run up and down each section of stairs, while, at the top doing 50 total dips, and at the bottom doing 40 total derkins (sorry Duct Work).  Get to other side, down on the track, and guess what, Repeato!

Mosey to field for two mins of Mary

Backscratcha! (Bulldog, if you’re reading, field turf works like a dream as compared to Covenant Day parking lot)

Protractor – various Pax call angles

Mosey back to launch




Good group as usual out there this AM.  I’d put a wager that we had the merriest bunch of chatter heads this side of Metro.  When you have Gloss, Spack, and Gummy in a Pax less than 20, just like Til Tuesday, Voices Carry.  At least there were 106 dudes at the Convergence to drown out most of their drivel.

Spackler was already lamenting that he had nothing to quench his thirst pre-workout, probably due to the numerous Titos libations he had a Taco-Mac the night before. #camel

Semi-Gloss responded to my disclaimer with a disclaimer of his own, stating he wouldn’t travel up Gma, but would gladly run around the track as much as possible. #bumknee  He’s probably already drinking a cold one in the airport on his way to Ann Arbor this weekend, have fun dude.

Gummy, well, Gummy was Gummy…has a response to everything.  He even tried to out-fart me during grinders…don’t start with me dude.

Duct Work decided to make sure all the ladies this weekend have a backstage pass to the gun show, as he missed my instructions that you only had to do 50 TOTAL dips during the stair work.  My man decided to do 50 dips each time up the stairs.  He wisely pulled an Omaha on the repeato and switched to air presses. (I’ll take that as Q-failure)

Lobstah and Header were leading out with Spackler on most of the work as per the yoozsh.  Those guys are beasts. #foreverLarryBirds

The under 30 crowd was definitely representing well in Sweeny, Yeti, Two Scoops, and Joystick.  Oh to be young again, and for me, 100 lbs. lighter.

Hammer was a silent assassin as per his usual as well, along with Hoover, Starbucks, Jet Fuel, and Leo (bed head).  All were knocking it out, but doing it mostly with zipped lips. #O2conservation

Last but not least, the OG of Joust, Stone Cold.  Spackler made reference to his bum Bersa sac during COP, but he was killing it on Gma post-BRR, so I give my man huge props.  Great sign of a leader too as he always has a good word of encouragement for the Q…thanks bud.

Thanks to Header for the strong take out this morning.



Please continue to lift up Frasier’s dad and Huggie Bear’s mom in prayer

New gear workout called Hi-T starting soon on Saturdays pre-Rock (Calvary) from 6am-7am.  Barbells, dumbells, kettle bells.  Basically, if it has a bell, you will be working out with it.  See Hoover for details or read the site.


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SpacklerPosted on12:39 pm - Sep 16, 2016

Love the meat and potatoes. Def not good for your gas Puddin.

GummyPosted on1:32 pm - Sep 16, 2016

Classic partially-planned weinke on display this morning. Aggressive pre-tweet about Grandma? check. Only spend 5 minutes on Grandma? check. Vague instructions about how many reps to do on during the partner work? check. Time killing “repeato” call? check.

Good times this morning though. Pop did outduel me in the farts – he’s going to have throw those shorts away. My moment of humility came when I left the goal line at the same time as Starbucks and thought to myself around the 10-yard-line, “That guy is young and in good shape, and I’m right next to him.” Then he accelerated and beat me by 25 yards.

    Puddin PopPosted on3:40 pm - Sep 16, 2016

    See there? Gummy the contrarian. By aggressive tweet you mean, “Have y’all ever met Grandma?” I said meet (5-8 minutes), not have tea and strumpets while playing Mahjong with her. Everything else was extremely accurate and spontaneous as you’ve eloquently stated.

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