Silly Starfish!!

  • When:9/10/16
  • QIC: Hopper
  • The PAX: Marlin, Nemo, E-Trade, Hoover, Bugeater, Hopper (QIC)

Silly Starfish!!

As our F3 brethren braved the mountains of the Blue Ridge, six men  met at The Rock for a starfish that was less than symmetrically designed.  It had one long leg and three short legs, but it still whipped us all the same.  After a quick disclaimer, we headed out:


Mosey to the basketball courts for the following:

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 LBC
  • 20 IW

The starfish was explained.  The basketball courts were the “center” of the starfish.  After running to the end of each leg, come back to the center for 10 merkins.  Here were the four legs of the beast:

  • Run the Northface hill and complete 10 LBCs at the top, run back to the center
  • Run to the front of the church rock-pile and complete 10 curls, 10 OH presses, 10 squats, run back to the center
  • Run to the hotbox for 10 dips, 10 step-ups, 10 derkins, run back to the center
  • Run to the baseball field tock pile and complete 10 curls, 10 OH presses, 10 squats, run back to the center

When we got back to the center, we had some resting recovery via 20 Freddy Mercury and 20 Rosalita.

Surprise!….run the starfish again!!

Upon the completion of the second starfish, we ran into brothers from DayZero who decided to come to the best AO in Area51……great to see you boys!!  We jumped into a couple of rounds of Mary with them.

After our neighbors took off, we ran some Here and There:

Between light posts (100 yards?), we did the following:

  • 10 WA merkins
  • backward jog between light posts
  • 10 jump squats
  • forward jog between light posts

The above was followed by two more rounds, with reps of 15, then 10.

Jog back to the cars for some Mary including flutter, LBC’s, parker peter and peter parker.

That’s a wrap!

I had fun today boys!  Thanks for coming out and for putting up with my crazy starfish design.  I know it was ridiculously uneven, but I know I am dragging already today, so I hope you got something good out of it, too!  Great group of guys today, by the way!!

By my count, here is what we tackled, and this is only partial:

  • 3.31 miles
  • 120 LBCs
  • 135 merkins

Sweet work!


  • Five year anniversary convergence at The Rock/Anvil on Weds starting at 5:15
  • Awesome F3 volunteering opportunities going on at Alexander Youth Homes

E Trade, thanks for the great take-out prayer!

Have a great weekend! Take time to Remember 9/11.


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