Dodged the rain, but Tartarus landed the gut-punch

  • When:9/2/16
  • QIC: BoutTime
  • The PAX: Diego, Cain, Hoffa, Bus Boy, Dear Abbey, Rachel, Brillo, Chelms, Scabby, Red Rocks, Abacus, Marconi, U-Boat, Udder, Fire Marshal Bill, Snowflake, Pulp Fiction, Driver, Champaign, Utah, Mermaid, BoutTime (QIC)

Dodged the rain, but Tartarus landed the gut-punch

YHC strolled into the parking lot a few minutes early to find a substantial assembly of some of south Charlotte’s finest. By the time we launched, we had full double deuce. For those keeping score at home, that is more than Tennessee put up against the Mountaineers and damn near double what South Carolina managed over perennial powerhouse Vandy. #secsec Impressive for a holiday weekend, but alas, there are no off days for the grizzled pax that frequent Centurion. Into the gloom we went.

The Thang:
Mosey to up to the top of Tartarus, the shelter from the storm that never came.
COP for SSHs x 25 IC followed by Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Mosey down stairs to the base of the ladder.
Merkin ladder up and down Tartarus – 20 merkins at top of first ramp, 19 at second, and so on down to 1. Completed 2 trips up the deck, 1.5ish down.
Mary at the bottom: LBC’s x 30 IC, Flutter x 20 IC
Mosey to the office building parking deck south of Panera for some work between the light poles:
-Bear crawl from pole-pole, mosey back, plank w/ 10 count right arm high
-Lung walk from pole-pole, mosey back, plank w/ 10 count left arm high
-Repeat-o w/ 6″ plank and elbow plank.
Mosey to the picnic table in front of school:
-20 step ups each leg, then 20 dips
-15 jump ups, 15 dips
Mosey to Tartarus and partner up.
-P1 runs up stairs to top over to next stair and down back to P2 who is doing an assortment of Q-less or Q-jacked Mary exercises

Great work by all the PAX, no surprise with the group of regulars at Centurion. It’s been great to be back out with you fellas over the past month and was an honor to lead this morning. Thanks to Chelms and Margo for the opportunity. Not too much chatter out this AM, at least that YHC could hear over my exhausted breathing. Might have been a lot of day-dreaming about how much more fun they were having this morning than they will be one week from today. Chelms and Mermaid thirsting for more at the end engaged in a gentlemanly foot race duel. I could not discern the victor from 200 yds back.

Labor Day convergence Monday, check twitter & website
Convergence at Calvary tomorrow
Area51 5-year anniversary on 9/14
F3 is about leadership and that includes serving others – find a way to get involved.

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4 years ago

Merkin ladder in the parking deck equals no laughing matter. Heavy breathing, but no laughing. Great way to get things going. Solid Q Bout Time.

Chelms managed to beat me by a slim margin in the foot race finale to close it out. He left early though. Go figure. Speaking of Chelms, he had a mention at several workouts this week. Anvil and Hydra according to eyewitnesses. Was there talk of his monumental Horsey Q and subsequent fantastical backblast? Nope. Talk of Diamond Merkins AKA the Chelms Carolina Dry Dock. Best from in all of F3 Area 51. Good morning at Centurion.

Chelms aka Tatertot
4 years ago

That’s the first time I got penalized for leaving early. Didn’t listen and was doing 20 merkins at each turn until I wore myself out. Probably finished with the right total number (20,20,20,20,18,18,15,15,15,14,10,10, none, squats, squats, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). #suckfest

Pretty sure Mermaid let me win. However, I was the fast lunger walker – twice #wheelhouse

Remember, let’s get out in the community and make a difference. Help with something already going on or get something started. #impact

4 years ago

Like maybe Church on the Street, where we happen to be serving breakfast to the homeless this Sunday morning???

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Kirk
4 years ago

Exactly although I will be DR. Hopefully some other guys will read and step up. Great work Kirk.

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
4 years ago

We should have a bunch of pax this weekend, but we’ll always take more. Keep an eye out for next month!

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