Nothing Safe or Light with Safelite!

  • When:8/27/16
  • QIC: Safelite and Boerewors (co-Q's)
  • The PAX: Hoover, eTrade, Safelite (co-Q) and Boerewors (co-Q)

Nothing Safe or Light with Safelite!

The following is posted (quite late, unfortunately) on behalf of co-Q’s Safelite and Boerewors:

The Thang

 Warmup: Run to the far side of Calvary for some SSH, merkins and Imperial walkers.

3x Northface loops consisted of some lbcs, jump squats and Russian twists. Slight detour on the first loop to picking up Hoover as he came in late after HighT.

From Nothface we took a nice scenic perimeter run down Rea to Pineville Matthews where we stopped at every lamppost to do merkins. Started with 20 and worked down by 2 at every post. We got a bit more than half way before the pax were complaining too much so we switched to lbc to finish the run to entrance 1.

Head over the Grassy Knoll, 20 lbcs at top (working down by 2 every loop), and 2 jump squats at the bottom (working up to 20). eTrade was showing us how it is done, and was most likely the only one to complete this activity.

Quick water break on the way to the rocks.

Do loops around baseball field while watching and explaining the rules of Cricket being played on the baseball field. 20 curls, 20 overhead press, 20 tricep ext.

Head over to hotbox for another water break before some trashcan loops, including: dips, donkey kicks, step ups.

Mosey back to start for 5 minutes of mary.

The Moleskin:

Good work guys, total distance of 3.5 miles. Next week is my 1 year anniversary of joining F3, so was fun to Q again, especially since it turns out the whole pax today happen to be people I roped into F3, haha. Great work by co-Q safelite too.

Thanks eTrade for taking us out.


Convergence for labor day



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