Watch Out for the Dummy

  • When:08/18/16
  • QIC: Thin Mint
  • The PAX: Fire Hazard, Ringer, Big Papi, Fallout (LIFO), General (LIFO), Thin Mint (QIC)

Watch Out for the Dummy

The Thang

  • Mosey to the lot above the football field and circle up for disclaimer
  • COP (SSH, IW, Windmills, Merkins)
  • Mosey onto the practice field
  • Four corners
    • Merkins, 180-degree jump squats, crunchy frog, burpees
    • 5 reps each exercise (one per corner) first lap, then 10, then 15 for 3 total laps
  • Mary (LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter, Dolly)
  • Partner up for tractor tire work
    • P1 start flipping the tire down the field
    • P2 sprint (all the way) up the hill, 10 squats, catch your partner and flapjack
    • After each partner goes up hill 3 2 times, start flipping tire back towards start
    • Each person runs the hill and flips the tire 4 times total
  • Sandbag / tire work
    • P1 moves backwards down the field dragging sandbag
    • P2 flips tire, jumps in and back out the other side (1 rep), flip tire back and forth for 5 total reps than catch partner and flapjack
    • Same as above, each did 4 rounds of each exercise
  • Mosey back to launch with sandbags
  • Mary (American Hammer, High Flutter)
  • COT, Ringer on the takeout



6 men showed up ready to work hard this morning in the gloom. It was almost 4, but the squeal of tires stopped us in our tracks as a final car flew into the lot. My guess is that General either stayed up late again last night watching the Olympics to get pumped for his upcoming triathlon or he got distracted admiring himself in the mirror this morning. Either way, Fallout was kind enough to sit in his driveway, hand placed firmly on the horn, until General stumbled out. They both hit the ground running and we were off.

Simple, but hopefully effective workout today that hit the legs for the most part (if you were flipping the tire right). It may have felt a little like bad deja vu (all the way down to the squishy field) to Fire Hazard and General who were both at YHC’s Black Diamond Q a few weeks ago, but who can resist the urge to flip those tires. Fire Hazard actually commented that at least we didn’t have sandbags to drag around this time unaware that YHC had arrived early and already placed said implements of torture in the field.

When explaining that we would be doing 180-degree jump squats during the 4 corners, there was a slight moment of panic among the PAX when they thought YHC was announcing actually doing 180 reps of jump squats. As fun as that sounds, YHC’s hamstrings are still smoked from Ringer’s BD Q earlier this week so that will have to wait. At one point when sprinting to the hill, Fire Hazard warned YHC to watch out for the dummy while looking up the hill at Ringer coming down. He later claimed he was referring to a tackling dummy in the general vicinity of where we were running, but I’ll leave that to FH and Ringer to figure out. Perhaps at Fight Club?

Great meeting Big Papi this morning. Relatively new to F3, he pushed hard this morning and was ready for more. Keep coming out and hope to bump into you again soon. Thanks to Ringer for the great takeout.



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