Skunkworks not Kevlar

  • When:08/09/16
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Bananas (Q), Baracus, Good Hands, Bulldog, Stone Cold, Side Car, Frosty Paws, Blazing Saddles, Witch Doctor, Smokey, Harley, Spackler, Tackling Dummy, Floatie, Fletch

Skunkworks not Kevlar

15 of the toughest around came out for a workout this morning and we got after it.

30 Swings OYO
5 Cleans per arm
Run a lap (track)

40 sit-ups
10 swings
30 sit-ups
20 swings
20 sit-ups
30 swings
10 sit-ups
40 swings

3 rounds of:
20 merkins
20 teabag squats
20 swings
20 2 hand press
20 cleans
Run a lap on track

Over to the fence at the field for:

Partner up
P1: Double swings
P2: Run field
3 rounds

P1: Double cleans
P2: Run field
3 rounds

P1: Double press
P2: Run field
3 rounds

4 MOM with the bell, with rotating called workouts and cadence

This was a humid morning for such a workout. Pretty good group of pre-runners and I am certainly impressed not only by the endurance and strength but also by the ability to wake up at 4. Smokey was killing it on the 100 rep circuits and runs, might be time to upsize that bell sir. I haven’t done doubles in a while and they are awesome. Double cleans were my favorite and double swings my least. My partner Witch Doctor was a beast swinging those doubles and I should step up and get a real KB like his 24kg competition bell. The misshaped 50 that I offered wasn’t helpful to our team balance. I almost went out with the first ever merlot spill due to a bug to the back of the throat. You know your true friends when you’re coughing and gagging and they are still talking trash. Thanks Bulldog, and it was not a cicada. Stone Cold asked if I was ok but I could still hear him laughing at the same time. Apparently eating bugs doesn’t faze Tackling Dummy as he nonchalantly said he had just had one and it had no effect on him. Thanks to Harley and Fletch for letting me lead at A51’s hardest workout Skunkworks, not Kevlar. In my haze on the way home I tweeted #F3Kevlar because I still didn’t even know what day it was after the workout.

Announcements: Pool party $10 a family with a pig. Bring a desert and BYOB. Check the site for more details. Other things were said but you had me at BBQ, Beer, and Pool party.

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HarleyPosted on11:38 am - Aug 9, 2016

Bananas – thanks for a great lead, nothing fancy, just a straight punch in the mouth. I also appreciated the break from the BRR prep. We’ll be ready for the Fast Twitch crowd next month.

Solid Pandora playset this am, had some Guns ‘n Roses, Metallica, ACDC, Scorpions…good call to skip the George Thorogood. Time to upgrade to the paid version.

I’m officially ready for some cooler weather. Total sweatfest.

BananasPosted on11:47 am - Aug 9, 2016

Horsehead, you go jog around with your running group in your little shorts, tank tops, and flashing lights while the men go to work. I do think it was a camel spider now that you mention it.

HorseheadPosted on11:55 am - Aug 9, 2016

Double and Camel Spiders – that is manly.

High TidePosted on1:50 pm - Aug 9, 2016

Looks like strong work, ‘Naners.

Thanks for the Aug 20th Pool Party announcement. Here is the link to sign up!

SpacklerPosted on2:24 pm - Aug 9, 2016

Ah, the old double load! #TWSS

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