Muggy Murph @ Arsenal

  • When:7/21/16
  • QIC: General
  • The PAX: Birdcage, Clark Kent, Bourne, Ringer, Fire Hazard, Bounty Hunter, Dark Roast, General

Muggy Murph @ Arsenal

It was a morning where I woke up and took the dog out around 4:30 and immediately started sweating. Beautiful, when you already smell like a Dothraki before you’ve already gotten in the car to head out. YHC has fallen off the wagon lately when it comes to doing pull-ups, so I thought it was the perfect morning to re-engage the biceps and drag 7 other PAX through the misery. And so it began…


  • Mosey down to the Elementary school scaling the smaller walls against the school
  • Circled back to pick up the late arriving Bounty Hunter
  • Continued on to the big wall…you cannot just pass up the big wall without going over it
  • Bear crawl past the trailers, back to regular and circle up in the empty bus parking lot
  • BTW at this at a 6 minute mile pace (according to Birdcage)
  • Circled up for SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Morrocan Night Club (which according to Lexicon expert Fire Hazard, is not in the Lexicon)

The Thang

  • Partner Murph – Partner 1 runs around the track, Partner 2 knocks out the Murph until Partner 1 returns to switch. Track Run was an interval run, half comfort pace/half sprint
  • Quick Tabata circuit (20 sec on, 10 sec recover) Box Jumps x 3/Dips x 3
  • Mosey over to the Dragon’s back, may I add the recently trimmed Dragon’s back
  • Maintain partners (Partner 1 – Hill Sprint up, sprint down, back pedal up, sprint down) (Partner 2- Freddy Mercury for Partner 1 sprint up; Solid-no honey mooning-downward dog-ass in the air Plank for Partner 1 back-pedal up) Partners switch…Rinse and repeat
  • Mosey back to COT where time keeper Hazard informs me we still have 45 seconds in which we knock out Flutters and Springy Frog/X’s & O’s/Boats and Canoes whatever you wanna call it
  • COT


  • I’m glad Bounty Hunter decided to get out of bed and join us, almost thought he had forgotten where Arsenal was…
  • Glad to be partnered up with Ringer as he completed about 80% of our partner Murph (YHC felt bad and performed some extra Merkins…actually these were not on purpose. Couldn’t believe Ringer knocked out most of our Merkins while I was taking a lap; apparently a slow lap
  • Clark Kent showed up with the Superman shirt on and performed as such, dude gets stronger every time he posts
  • Birdcage was pace setter and time keeper for our 6 minute mile warm-up mosey pace
  • Fire Hazard managed to make it through with out finding an ankle breaking rock on the way to Dragons Back (although we heard it rustling in the woods), and made sure to push us for an extra 45 seconds of pain and ABony
  • Bourne conquered the big wall for the first time
  • Dark Roast continuing to post, glad to see him motivated and pushing it

Muggy morning with some solid upper body work and just over 2 miles. Solid work gentleman.

Over and out – General

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