Don’t Forget the Disclaimer

  • When:07/18/16
  • QIC: Egypt
  • The PAX: One Eye / One Ankle, Hamlet, ‘Bout Time, Pothole, Commodore, Doogie, Jet Fuel, Benefactor, Reboot (site FNG, EH all-star), Bug Eater, Iron Mike, Hollins (site FNG), Chappy, Gypsy (FNG Joel Bernard), Barracuda, Gangsta Mouse, Egypt

Don’t Forget the Disclaimer

19 Pax were curious to see if we really would try to run a 16-mile roundtrip in 45 minutes, and instead kicked the teeth off the Gaywind Hill (hee hee..).

The Thang

  • Carmel to the front yard of RTS, after retrieving a hobbled One Eye Ankle who stumbled on Pothole’s namesake but bounced right back: SSH x20, Mtn. Climbers x20, Dolly x15, Merkins x10
  • Book it to the other front yard of RTS for dips and squats on Commodore’s benches: sets of 10 of each, then 8 then 10. Shake it out, then sets of 6-4-6.
  • Fast mosey down S. View to the reconstructed brick wall for some People’s Chair, with air presses, then 15 wide arms / Larry Craigs / Ann & Hopes (0% of the Pax got that joke. Where’s Film Fest when you need him?)
  • Continue to Rock’s favorite street in all of Charlotte. Left on GAYWIND (snicker, snicker…), down to the bottom of the Southpark Lurker. 35 LBCs, 7 Boone lefts and rights (always 7), Michael Phelps x15
  • Ladder to 5 up and down the Lurker: burpees at the top, squats at the bottom.
  • AYG up the hill that leads back to S. View. Back to the wall for more people’s chair, with left foot up, then right foot up. 10 diamonds.
  • Continue toward home, regroup at entrance to Hartmill for 15 squats, something I forgot, and 10 Prisoner squats.
  • Mosey to Thornridge, backward run up the hill, mosey down and collect the 6, backward run up the hill again. COT in the intersection (because that’s really safe): LBC x15, Rosalita x15, Protractor for a while
  • Right on Camilla, 6 burpees at the speed hump, back to the parking lot, 6 burpees at the Jeep, over to the C@C parking lot, 6 burpees, and 1 mega burpee OYO.
  • COT, with communal Lord’s Prayer for the takeout


  • Fun group out there today. Lots of regulars, a few site Kotters, Mr. Dan Hart, and an FNG.
  • 3.3 miles total. And according to my incredibly unscientific calculations, that hill on Gaywind (hee…ha…please stop…) is a 12-13% incline. It’s like BRR in a Box.
  • I’m not used to having FNGs lately, and was remarking to One Eye that I should have mentioned the disclaimer before we launched. Not 10 seconds later, as we’re crossing Carmel, One Eye steps into a pothole and lands on a combo of asphalt, sidewalk and grass. Should have mentioned the disclaimer.
  • Brother is tough, though. Finished the entire workout and beat my butt on the Gaywind (HA HAAAAA!) ladder, as did Benefactor and 14-year-old ‘Bout Time. Strong work.
  • Pothole saw all this go down, so I expect that thing on Carmel to be filled in by lunchtime.
  • Welcome to FNG Gypsy. Guy has lived in about 35 different places in his life, just landed in Charlotte 10 days ago, and showed up today after meeting Reboot at church not 24 hours prior. That’s some hard-core Gypsy livin’ right there. And he’s already found us on Twitter. I expect to see him Qing by Friday.
  • T-claps to Reboot for achieving such a strong EH – from first meeting, to the guy showing up, saying “Corbin said he’d meet me here” – at a workout that Corbin has never attended – all in less than 24 hours. Hall of fame material.
  • These are tough times for our nation and our world. As we intoned this morning, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” We have a role in that delivery as well. Reach out to others. Be kind to strangers. Thank a police officer. Connect with someone who doesn’t look like you or come from the same background. Engage. Expand. Help stop the madness. Love > Hate.


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GipsyPosted on5:48 pm - Jul 18, 2016

Great experience. Thanks for making me feel welcome. See y’all on Wednesday!

RebootPosted on1:11 pm - Jul 19, 2016

He’s already on the website too. Q by Friday is a good call. I like DMZ – I’ll be back!

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