Are we doing miles or what

  • When:07/13/2016
  • QIC: Semi-Gloss
  • The PAX: Swiper, Alf, Drano, Deepdish, PopTart, Strawberry, Good Hands, Huggy bear, HorseHEEEEEEAAAAADDDDD, Buttermaker, HairBall, Benny Hill (FNG), Blue Hose (FNG), Squid, Square Root, Waterfoot, Smokey, Tootie (kotters), Lex Luthor, Olive, Vida, Chin Music, Fireman Ed,

Are we doing miles or what

24 Pax showed up for a VERY muggy morning.

Here is what the weinke told me to do.

20 MERKINS – CAD Rapid
30 LBC’s – CAD Rapid
15 Merkins – CAD Rapid
20 IW – semi-rapid (pun intended)

Mosey over to Rain tree.
Windbluff 11’s…….7’s
Merkins at the bottom Squats at the top

Ole Jack Webb – up to 6 merkins and then back down

Mosey back

AYG Rising Meadows
Swiper mary – Something
Heels to Heaven – 20 CAD

AYG to School

Merkins – 20 CAD
Boone Crunch – invented here. – 20 CAD each leg
Merkins – 20 OYO
10 LBC’s – CAD – Alf slow.


Breakdown of what happened – AKA Moleskin

so I got texts last night some asking for miles some asking for no running. The no running people didn’t show up nor did the running people so I decided to do a little bit of both. A mountain of mumble chatter this am mainly by Swiper and Alf who were commenting on the speed by which I was counting. Look guys we have a lot of things to cover, if you ain’t first you’re last.
During the mosey in Rain tree there was some comments about me trying to keep up with the “fast guys” at the front which would end up biting me in the rear later. Once we got to Windbluff I made the call for 11’s which in my head sounded like a great time but in practice it was not. Audible that after I got some dirty looks from a few guys who were not pleased with me.
Decided to do the Jack Web at the top of Windbluff which would have been great but completely forgot the count.
Lastly when running back I felt that I was holding back the #runners so I let them run fast. Square Root continues to be at the front every time along with the usual suspects.
Strawberry and PopTart (brothers from another Motha) flew past me with amazing speed as did Deep Dish and several others who will go nameless as I was too gassed to even think. Fireman Ed came smoking past me and explained that he likes to save up energy for the end.

Welcome FNG’s Blue Hose (mom brought him out) and Benny Hill (Lex Luthor brought him).

Thanks for Swiper for taking us out.

Our Brother from #F3ISOTOPE – Olive was there sharing the story of the toy drive this fall/winter in remembrance of his daughter. There are also some shirts for sale and they will be putting together a link and order forms. I have nominated Hairball to handle this for Area 51. Link below. Prayers for Olive and his family.

Calling All Pax – Need High Impact Men and Women to Help Make a Difference and Keep a Spirit Alive. Operation Sweet Tooth!

F3 Golf – Sign up and support expansion efforts throughout the US and beyond.

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AlfPosted on11:28 am - Jul 13, 2016

Solid Q Semi Gloss. Way to back in 60 minutes of a workout into 45 with the express cadence counting feature. 11’s on Windbluff would have produced groans at Fast Twitch and was almost pure mutiny at DV.

Great to meet Olive this morning. It takes a strong #HIM to pour himself into lifting up others while still grieving his own loss. I look forward to helping Olive and Hairball with Operation Sweet Tooth.

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