SOFAWIB Preblast: Iron Mike’s Punch Out

  • When:12/15/15
  • QIC: Iron Mike
  • The PAX: You

SOFAWIB Preblast: Iron Mike’s Punch Out

The following was sent to me from Iron Mike, who enjoys operating through ghost writers.

The Thing: Iron Mike’s Punch Out

Running to Harris Teeter and back is straight, flat, and boring.*
Let’s run all the way around the school – right on Rea, right on Summerlin, right on Abbotswood, right on Windyrush, right on, right on.

Partner accountability means you’re not trying hard enough.*
At corner of school do 10 burpees.
Run to next corner, 20 merkins.
Run to the next corner, 30 Squats.
Run to the last corner, 40 Freddie Mercury’s.
Rinse repeat for 12 rounds or 6:06.
Run the “Right On, Right On” loop again.
bell rung

*He may not have actually said this.

If you’re man enough to tussle with a Q who is possibly 78% dense, exotic matter, come to SOFAWIB tomorrow at Olde Providence Elementary. Rally at 0520, get to running at 0530.


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KirkPosted on4:46 pm - Dec 14, 2015

They said that no one could complete The Nameless workout within time – and now we have Maria Maria. I don’t think anyone makes the full 12 rounds / laps within time.

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