• When:12/14/15
  • QIC: Dasher
  • The PAX: Transporter, Doc McStuffin, Turtle, Force Out, Posse, Shop Dog (respect), Shampoodle, Frack, Crash Davis, Snaggle Tooth, Slow Pitch, Short Circuit, Dasher, T-Ball, Legal Zoom, Rice A Roni


Pax of 16 had the pleasure of the 15 minutes gauntlet.

Warm up lead by Short Circuit.

SSH X 25

IW x 25

Merkin x 10

Plank Jack x 15

Mosey to side of school to do People’s Chair while we wait for Force Out who went to Marvin. Rookie!

Left foot up then right


Shoulder press

Mosey to back of school for the main event. 15 minutes of hardcore work. 

50 step ups

10 burpees 

50 merkins 

10 burpees

50 jump squats

10 burpees

50 MTC

10 burpees

50 LBC

10 burpees

50 dips

10 burpees

50 CDD

When we finished it was a round of suicides with 5 merkins at each stop

Mosey to the other side of the bus lot. 

LBC X 20

Bicycle X 20

Hammer x 20

Run up the stairs to the corner of the school 5 merkins then back.  Rinse and repeat 6 or 8 times

Run up the stairs to the corner of the school 10 jump lunges back.  Rinse and repeat 4 or 6 times

Run to front of school for rocker hoppers on the bench while we wait for the six. 

Jail break back to parking lot for 1:30 minutes of more Mary. 


American Hammer

Wow what a workout. The saying build it and they will come is really true. We have grown in such a short period of time to 16 guys. It has been an incredible experience to see this. Can’t wait to see who will set up to lead next. Thank you Short Circuit for leading the warm up. 

I did hear some groans from the pax today, not sure it was the workout was hard or they didn’t like it. 

Frack crushed the jail break. I guess the leg is feeling good. 

I love to see the new guys getting better like Shop Dog, T Ball, Turtle. For the newer guys keep coming and you will see how quick things change. Don’t get give up!

My fellow leaders, Transporter and Doc McStuffins thank you for being such a great example of hard work, character, and friendship. 

Thank you for taking us out Shop Dog

Announcement:  Saturday competition with Outland for most people. Loser gets 100 burpees.

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