EE’s Paracourse of Pain Pounds Plenty of PAX

  • When:12/12/2015
  • QIC: Double E
  • The PAX: Horse Head, Smokey, Good Luck, The Count, Goofy Foot (2.0), Big Trade, Hoodie, Counter Top, The Late Show, Boondock (2.0), Shepard, Donkey Kong, Happy, Milky Chance (2.5), Hello Kitty (2.5), LeMont, Loophole (FNG), Double E (QIC)

EE’s Paracourse of Pain Pounds Plenty of PAX

Hey why not the letter P?  18 PAX navigated the dense foggy gloom to the Outland campus for a morning beat down through EE’s Paracourse of Pain.  Some ideas may be better left on paper.  This was NOT one of those ideas!!  Everyone is pumped up with Horse Head’s #awful music, Let’s get it started!!

EE 0600 Solo-amigo 5 miler #Sadclown – More below.

Warmup Hairband Metric Century around 2/3 of paracourse to parking lot
SSH x 35 IC
IW x 15 IC
MC x 15 IC – Stay in Plank
Merkin x 10 IC
LSS x 15 IC


EE’s Paracourse of Pain
This loop was intended to include many of the awesome painstations we enjoy each week at #F3Outland.  It goes something like this:
Begin near flag pole in middle school parking lot
Run to the First cone near small parking lot island heading toward parking lot entrance/exit
35 x LBC
Continue Run on sidewalk to top of hill towards and around Spirit Rock towards buses
At Cone right before 1st bus, 20 x Merkins
Weave The Cheese of entire bus lot (approx 100 yards & 15 buses) to cone at end of bus line
(Alternate Karaoke R/L, Shuffle R/L, Backwards run for extra credit in between buses)
35 x LBC at end cone
Run back up hill past 1st bus to cone
20 x Merkins
Run to top of Hill near sidewalk where we alternate 5 x (5 pairs of cones 1 at top and 1 at bottom):
5 x Burpees at top of hill
Run down hill to corresponding cone
5 x Bombjacks
Run back to top of hill to Next cone and repeat sequence until you complete all 10 cones.
This completes the “loop”
Once you have finished, run back and Pick up and finish with the Six!!


EE Calls an Audible from 3rd Repeat and changes parking lot cones around and pulls out the famous Epoxy Plates for:
Team Hairburner Relay Medley w/ 2 x 45# plates
Split PAX in 2 teams of which we split each team into 3 stations (approx 35 yards apart each)
Start 45# plate hairburners with each team at one end, push to center group to switch plate pusher who pushes to end group to next PAX who immediately starts the journey back.  We continue hairburners while waiting PAX perform called exercises.  Exercises include:SSH, LSS, Flutter, Dolly, Burpees, Lunges, Merkins and more.

At one point Horse Head thinks it is a good idea to remove the center group and hairburn the entire distance of the end groups (~70 yards).  The PAX alternate between burners while the waiting PAX perform called exercises which repeat many of the above.

Once all PAX complete the Hairburners to Heaven, mosey to middle school wall for:
PC w/50 60 AP IC
20 x Speed Squats
PC w/ 40 AP IC
15 x Donkey Kicks
PC w/ 30 AP IC
20 x Speed Squats
PC w/ 20 AP IC
20 x Donkey Kicks
20 x Curb Incline Merkins
20 x Curb Decline Merkins

2 MOM (EE calls a few PAX to Shout Out)

15 x 6″ to 90 degrees to Heels to Heaven repeats
15 x Crunchie Frog (Happy)
10 x Smurf Half Burpee Things (Counter Top)
20 x Back Scratchers IC

Quick Lesson learned that if a Pre-Workout Tweet goes unanswered, that probably means no one is showing up.  I held onto a glimmer of hope that maybe one would escape the fartsack at 0600 (MID 50’S FELLAS IS PERFECT) for a little pre-run only to find myself running solo through fog so thick it would put yo grandma’s gravy to shame! That’s OK, the Pre-Run gave YHC an extra 40 minutes to refine the planned paracourse with additional running and extra pain stations!  #Yourwelcome!

This must have been a very mild December morning as Big Trade decided the temperature was on the money for another beatdown!  Always good to have you out showing off the new additions to your #BatBelt!  Strong work today by Smokey who led the paracourse and didn’t look back.  He steps out of his car at 7:59.59 and does not stop running until 8:00 #Strong.  Also noticed big work by Hoodie, LeMont, Count and Shepard and the rest of the PAX pushing hard!  Donkey Kong is king of the plates and any exercise on all 4’s #TarzanJr.  The Late Show and Counter Top are Fit,Form, & Function Masters for each exercise with perfect posture.  Great to have Good Luck today from Asheville pushing hard with the Outland Crew!  Awwww, to be 29 again!  Happy’s 2.5’s Hello Kitty and Milky Chance were working on their Beast Mode craft!  We picked a good day to have a good day!

– Glass Joe’s Attendance Challenge with Commitment is next Saturday.  Bring your Father, brothers, cousins and all male friends next Saturday.  Lowest Attendance site between the two AO’s next Saturday the 19th will begin the 26th workout with 100 Burpees!!- Prayers for the family Horse Head knows, The Vanciver’s, who lost their newborn after 24hours (passed away with Anencephaly)
–  Happy needs Suits
–  Counter Top needs Toys for Kids

Thank you for the Strong take out by Smoky

Always A Time in the Outland!

Double E

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5 years ago

Who doesn’t like The Who? The Grinch for starters.

Eminence Front is as solid of a pre-workout track as it gets.

5 years ago

Also, the hairburners Q Jack was borne from necessity, as I was stationed at one of the (lonely) middle islands. Our ambitious teammate, DK, kept blowing by us and going end to end. Just trying to get a turn.

Also of note regarding DK was the fact that he had a trunk full of supposedly new pots and pans that he was trying to give away post workout. My sure if he kicked his pot habit or what, but I don’t think there were any takers. Always a mystery, that one.

– HH

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