What do you get when a Tarheel and a Blue Devil lead a F3 workout?

  • When:12/12/15
  • QIC: Abacus, Floor Slapper
  • The PAX: Nomad (R), Huggie Bear, Young Love (WB), Cold Cuts, O'Tannenbaum, Twister (R), Joker, Lobster Roll, Squid, Pink Panther (R, WD)

What do you get when a Tarheel and a Blue Devil lead a F3 workout?

A Tar Heel and a Blue Devil combined to test 12 PAX at McKee Road Elementary.  As of now no earthquakes to report or other earth shattering events as alumni from two heated rivals each took 1/2 hour to push the PAX to their limits.  SF was planted firmly in the soil and promptly at 0700 we headed out to get some work done on a 50 degree December morning.  Have to enjoy these days while we can as you know it is going to turn colder soon.

YHC took the first half lead and led the PAX on a little run down to the bus parking lot, mixing in a little backwards run on our way.  Once there we circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 25 IC
  • Squat x 20 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC

Time to head over to the track for a round of 7s.  We lined up on one side of the track.  Ran across the track infield and completed 6 CDD.  Ran back to other side for 1 Jumping Lunge/SMC (each leg).  Continued this cycle with 5/2, 4/3, etc.   As leaders finished, we planked up to wait for the 6 before heading over to the wall at the front of the school.

At the wall, instructions were given to complete 3 stations.  BTW Wall Walk for 15-20 feet, Broad Jump across the bus parking lot, and then Plank Walk on the curb for 20-25 feet.  At this point Joker commented about how much he enjoyed that set.  Felt obligated to keep the PAX happy so we completed another round.

Once the 2nd round was completed YHC led the PAX back over to the bus parking lot for a Suicide Ladder.

  • First round was 3 stops w/ 5/10/15 merkins at each stop
  • 2nd round was 5/10/15 Prisoner Squats
  • 3rd round was 5/10/15 LBCs

Finally, head over to track infield and we circled up for 6 MOM.  Completed the following:

  • Dolly x 20 IC, hold’em 6 in
  • Flutter x 20 IC, hold’em 6 in
  • Rosalita x 20 IC

With the first 30 min on the books, YHC handed the keys over to Floor Slapper for 2nd half.  Floor Slapper led the PAX behind the school and we circled up for mini COP:

  • Low slow squat x 40 IC
  • Mini Merkin Death Spiral – 8 merkins, hold 6 in plank for 8 sec, 7 merkins, hold 6 in plank for 7 sec, and continued on down to 1 merkin and hold 6 in plank for 1 sec.

Made a short mosey over to the back playground for some Circuit work:

  • 10 pull ups, 20 jump squats, 30 LBC
  • 15 knee ups, 20 step ups, 30 flutter

With the fog finally lifting, Floor Slapper led the PAX over to the Nature Trail.  Gathered at the benches and completed 25 dips & 20 derkins.  Trail run.  Repeat the 25 dips & 20 derkins.  Next we completed 25 squats and 20 lunges before completing another trail run.  Repeat the 25 squats & 20 lunges.  1st run around the trail was a bit of a cluster as Joker led us on a off road/route/trail adventure.  Hard to see the path with all those leaves.  May need to bring out a rake with us in the upcoming weeks.

Once we were back at the entrance to the nature trail instruction was given to bear crawl back up the hill to the service road.

Head over to the wall at back of school and find a piece of wall for PC:

  • PC x 1 min w/ 40 air presses
  • 15 Donkey Kicks
  • PC x 1 min
  • Lunge walk

Partner up with PAX of similar speed for CMIYC around the school.  Partner 1 heads off around the school.  Partner 2 completes 5 merkins and then takes off to catch Partner 1.  Once reunited, Partner 1 completes 5 merkins and Partner 2 continues the run back to launch point.

Finish up with round of Mary including Freddie Mercury, Russian Twist, modified version of Dying Cockroach, Dolly and Flutter.



  • Floor Slapper slated to kick off the workout and lead the first 1/2.  However, with a pretty thick fog at the start and Floor Slappers plan to utilize the Nature Trail, request was made for YHC to lead the COP and first half.  YHC was happy to oblige.
  • Joker has definitely bounced back from a few injuries he was dealing with a while back.  He was pushing the pace and out front for much of the workout with Lobster Roll, Cold Cuts, Floor Slapper, O’Tannenbaum and Squid up front at various points throughout the workout.
  • Nice to meet Nomad out in the Gloom this a.m.  He was site FNG, though he has posted previously at the school for The Matrix.  Hope to see him back out with us on some Saturday mornings when his schedule allows.
  • 3 respects joined us for the fun this morning with Nomad, Twister and Pink Panther in attendance.  However, don’t let the ages fool you.  All 3 were putting forth strong efforts.
  • Kotters goes out to Young Love.  He has recently returned from IR and it was good to have him back out at Area 51.  Mentioned plans to have a meniscus issue cleaned up this January after the holidays.  Thoughts and prayers will go out for you for a successful surgery and a complete and speedy recovery.
  • Last but not least, tclaps to Huggie Bear for another solid effort this a.m.  He has become a regular at Area 51 AO and has also stepped up to take on regular Q duties in the rotation.


  • Area 51 X-mas party this evening.
  • Toy Drive for Alexander Youth Network through 12/19/15.  See link below for additional info posted to F3Nation website:   Alexander Youth Network Toy Drive
  • Joe Davis Run to be held in Fort Mill on 01/09/2016.  5K and 10K options.  Registration link can be found here:    Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run

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