Olympus – A Greek Name With A Few Turkish Getups

  • When:12/12/2015
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Gullah (LIFO), Destiny (Respect), Ickey Shuffle, Witch Doctor, Geraldo, Strange Brew, Sony, Mighty Mite

Olympus – A Greek Name With A Few Turkish Getups

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YHC was nervous to Q his first kettlebell workout and so the eyes were open long before the alarm was due to go off (thankfully remembering to turn it off, personal experience suggests that M’s do not like that).  Kettlebell videos were watched on youtube, pictures of Russian military men demonstrating form were viewed, some of the moves were practiced (in the spirit of if you can’t Q it…) and subsequently discarded and eventually a plan was made up which went something like this for the 8 pax that showed up in the fog to swing some bells:

The Thang:

Quick lap around the track (which it turns out is .2 of a mile)

SSH x 25

IW x 20 (many pax excited for the Star Wars debut)

cover off on your bells

10 full start/stop swings

The format was explained as some type of movement and then some type of 10 swings, could be regular 10 swings, could be one handed could be doubles with your partner while they plank, so you can just imagine the variety!

  • Deadlifts x 10
  • Figure 8’s x 10 each way
  • Around the Legs x 5 each way (only the Q is not coordinated enough to hold onto the bell)
  • Good mornings x 10
  • Around the world x 10
  • Around the world on your knees x 5 round 1, x 7 round 2
  • Half Get up x 5 each side first round, x 3 second round
  • Turkish Get Ups x 3 each side first round, second round x 0 each side
  • Pullover or ball smasher (apparently, were the pax were just busting YHCs on this one?) x 10
  • Superman Kettlebell style x 5, yeah this one was tough
  • Crunches holding bell but with feet on the ground x 10
  • Sumo squat to high pull x 10
  • Long cycle reps, with partner and lighter bell (double) x 10 each

Also mixed in a random round of LBCs x 20 and on the partner work the planking was almost as tough as the movement.

A couple of crowd favourites at the end, thanks to Witch Doctor for the Swing and Squat, to Mighty Mite for the Kettlebell burpees (crowd pleaser in the most sarcastic way), Goblet squats and a few swings to finish it off.


The pax kept it moving pretty well, so much so apparently that the site Q himself left with 15 min to go, mumbling something about some type of youth athletic competition, anyway thanks for bringing the speaker and letting YHC Q it was truly and honour.  Destiny really hung in there, many grunts and groans were heard throughout, names will not be mentioned on those since likely the YHC was a big part of it.  Always good to see Mighty Mite who makes YHC feel like a homebody, looking forward to seeing you move over the holidays brother.  Witch Doctor was quietly getting at it and Geraldo was throwing the Ruck on and around (literally) throughout, kudos on that one!  Ickey issued the 55lb challenge to YHC which I at least tried (gotta know one’s limitations, not as strong as Ickey just yet).  Anyway, comments always expected below.


Alexander Youth Network toy drive, info found in the blast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/12/02/alexander-youth-network-toy-drive/

Joe Davis Run sign up, link posted for Ickey: https://joedavisrun.racesonline.com/

Christmas Party tonight



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Stump HuggerPosted on9:57 am - Dec 12, 2015

Brew this looks horrible!! Great job on your first KB Q. Aye

GeraldoPosted on10:48 am - Dec 12, 2015

Solid Q Brew, I’ll feeling this the rest of the day. See you tonight.

High TidePosted on12:58 pm - Dec 14, 2015

Well done, Strange Brew!

And, seeing TGUs in a backblast that isn’t my own just warms my heart (although, it’s not cold and dark as Icky describes his, with his 55# bell…)

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