Gloom at The Rock

  • When:12/12/15
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Gummy, FNG Etrade (Dan), Flipper, Boudavors, Swiss Miss, BOGO, Fragile (French), Harley

Gloom at The Rock

8 men showed up to The Rock and we’re not afraid of the real gloom and fog. Here’s what we did.

Warm Up on the smoothest pavement in Charlotte

  • SSH
  • Low slow squats
  • IW
  • Merkins
  • Some other stuff

Run to Park

  • Circuit: 10 pull-ups, 10 derkins, 10 dips, 10 donkey kicks, run a lap
  • Rinse repeat x15 (except pull-ups)
  • 10 step ups each leg, 10 jump ups
  • Big Hill: 10 merkins at each light post on way up, 10 jump squats at each light post on way down

Run to entrance 2 at church

  • Flutter, sprint up and down hills
  • Dolly, bear crawl down and run backwards up (crowd pleaser)

Rock work – press, curls, squats, triceps

Sprints up and down parking lot (4 corners to run out the clock) with some merkins, CDD, LBCs and wall sits with air presses

It was an honor to lead. We covered 3.8 miles and the group stayed tight, strong work. Big shout out to FNG Etrade who dominated on the sprints at the end. Enjoy the El Niño weather while we can.




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GummyPosted on3:26 pm - Dec 12, 2015

Good stuff this morning, Harley. Who needs to ease into the run to the park? Harley opened things up around 7 min pace.

Good group this morning. I saw most guys out front at some point in the workout. FNG ETrade was clearly sandbagging most of the workout. He smoked us in the sprints – even throwing out some trash talk at one point. Flipper tried to answer the call.

Swiss Miss was crushing it too. Dude had gotten fast.

Flipper up next week. Should be fun.

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