Day Zero BB – Full Body

  • When:12/12/15
  • QIC: Swiper
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Iron Horse, Beeker, Sundancer, Jason Ray (FNG - Rachel), Alf, Semi Gloss, Turkey Leg, Dear Abby, Sweetness, McGee, Swiper, Faultline, Prohibition, Hairball

Day Zero BB – Full Body

15 PAX including a FNG posted this morning. We covered nearly all the main appendages and everyone left with something. Breakdown:

We mosied (past tense of mosey?) to Kobe Court and warmed up. We did stuff.

We mosied to Tuesday Morning parking lot. Announcement: TM is closing. Who would have ever thought that a discount clutter store in a nondescript shopping center hole with no signage would ever not thrive? Weird.  @StoneCold teared up when he saw the “Store Closing” sign. We consoled him and told him that TMs are elsewhere in the city which seemed to lift his spirits.

Partner up. A runs backward toward the entrance while B does 5 merkins and catches him, flapjack. Run back to start. Same thing with 10 merkins and karaoke. Run back to start. Same thing with opposite karaoke direction. Run back to start. Everyone backward run to entrance.

*Modified Matterhorn* – 10 burpees at bottom of hill, 10 burpees at top, 10 burpees on other side of the mtn. Run all the way back. 25 jack knives. Rinse and repeat X 3.

Mosey to playground. Teams of 3 at each pullup bar. 6X6X6X6 pullups (inboard/outboard/1-1, 1-1), 5X5X5X5, you get the point. Total of 85ish pullups.

Run around the school track (#weirdtrack). @McGee took over for the last 7 minutes and crushed our legs. Crushed. T-Claps @McGee who did that all while having SARs.

Moleskin: @IronHorse stamped his approval for today’s workout. What more do we want?

@Rachel (FNG) wandered up to the AO at 0645. He heard about F3, saw PAX around town, stickers on cars, did research and posted on his own. He also crushed the workout, not passing the Q so as to not embarrass him on his first post. In COT, he muttered that he’s from Cheboygan, Wisconsin (not really) and that he’s a Marine which got a lot of “Ooohhhhh, ok’s.” He got a chick’s name which says it all. T-Claps brother.

Pullup group A finished much faster than pullup group B. Sources report that group A did almost no pullups, sat in a circle and told ghost stories to each other. Group B was swole (#spellcheck) when we finished which was the intended goal.

@TurkeyLeg is an absolute beast. @Alf was also hot on the trail this morning. @Rachel – you wow’d us all. Keep coming out.

@Prohibition brought some sweet tunes including the #MichUltraSong. Well done. *Insert Michelob Ultra Commercial*

Thanks to @Hairball for letting me Q. This workout is always hard which I appreciate. Hope to have contributed to the cause today.

Area 51 Christmas party tonight. Read about it here. Bring some stuff for charity if you’re coming, see link for details.

Sound off below.

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Dear AbbyPosted on11:35 am - Dec 12, 2015

Great workout. I was smoked after the first half-hour.

Don’t forget to get a toy for Alexander Youth Network. Deadline is next Saturday. I’m collecting for Day Zero. Details:

ProhibitionPosted on11:42 am - Dec 12, 2015

Wow. Solid Q. I just want to lay down and not wake up until Tuesday Morning (see what I did there?). Something about that hill and burpees does it every time. Just so you know, group A did all the pullups. We’re just really fast and didn’t need to hold each others legs. #itwastheawesomeplaylist.

Great job FNG Rachel. Keep coming out and showing us up.

Turkey Leg was a site FNG today. Really? Now you know where we are. Keep coming by.

Beer and couch be calling my name. See you all tonight.

AlfPosted on12:28 pm - Dec 12, 2015

Solid Q Swiper. DZ doesn’t disappoint. If you would have called repeat-o after that Matterhorn I might have #Spurriered the rest of the workout. If that was Modified, I have little interest in the un-Modifed version, whatever that is.

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