Playing with Sand at The Brave

  • When:12/11/15
  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: Mic Check, Beaker, Pebbles, Gumbo, One-Niner, Wild Turkey, Tuck, Mario, Irish Cream, Wingman, Frehley’s Comet (R), Van Pelt (R), Fire Hazard (QIC)

Playing with Sand at The Brave

YHC decided that we needed a Brave workout that included a little more strength training with our running. The plan was to have 2 inner tube sand bags (one per team) and mosey around the AO with stops for exercises. Last week I think the Brave had about 6 or 7 folks so the winkie was developed with that number of PAX. It ended up that 13 men were up for the challenge so there were some modifications during the workout.

The Thang….
First we split into 2 – 6 man teams. Each team had one 50lb sand bag made out of an inner tube. Off we go towards Ballantyne Commons Rd. Ohhh wait here comes Pebbles pulling up as we are leaving. No problem always glad to have another brother in the Gloom. Now we have a 6 man and a 7 man team.

We stopped at Ballantyne Parkway for a few warm up exercises and to switch the bag off to another teammate.
(In cadence)
20 – SSH
15 – Windmills

We headed to the Corner of Rushmore and Ballantyne Pkwy for another bag switch and 20 Merkins.

Turn right on Rushmore and head towards the bull ring. We took 2 breaks on the way with 15 Burpees at one and 20 Merkins at the other (Switching the bag carrier at each).

We headed over to the larger lake behind the bull ring for some exercises.
One man from each team would complete Overhead presses with the sandbag while the rest of the team ran laps.
For the second round we would do squats with the sandbag. If you need to modify do Burpees.

When YHC planned this, I was expecting a smaller group due to the Kiowah Race tomorrow. So after the overhead presses we switched to running around the islands (200yds or so) for the round of squats as the big lake was eating up too much time.

Once we completed both rounds we had a little over 15 minutes to get back and get in some Mary.

We did 10 Burpees and grabbed the bags again and headed back towards the start point.

During the jog back to the Stone Mountain grill the PAX stopped 2 times one with 20 Merkins the other with 15 Burpees. Along with the exercises we also did bag switches (everyone needs a turn).

At Stone Mountain Grill we stopped for some Mary (All in Cadence).
20 Flutters (Hands in the Air)
20 Rosilitas (Hands in the Air)
20 Dolly’s (Hands in the Air)
30 LBC’s
25 Heels to the Heavens

Grab the bags and head back to the Vine. We have 2 minutes left. YHC thought it would be practical to do 20 more Burpees.

The Moleskin –
To YHC’s surprise there was no pushback from the PAX on carrying the sand bags all around the AO. Although a few of them did mention that they would pay more attention to information shared on Twitter prior to the workouts. Everyone pushed hard and modified as needed and were willing to offer help to the PAX carrying the bag (although I don’t think anyone accepted this offer as everyone wanted to get a good workout today). It was YHC’s pleasure and privilege to lead this fine group of men in the gloom. YHC also appreciates the PAX’s willingness to try something new.

I would venture to say that this was at least one of the top two hardest workouts this morning. Although, I haven’t see Margo’s BB at this point.

Bring work clothes to your workout tomorrow
Brazwell’s tonight (M’s allowed)
Next Wednesdays 730pm happy hour
Sign up for Joe Davis
Galdiator Games 6:30 to 10:00 Workout from ~6:30 – 7:30 YHC is Q

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WildTurkey_a51Posted on1:24 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Outstanding. Nice job adding in the sandbags – no easy feat running with 50 lbs around your neck. Those laps around the like were a nice grind.

Has anyone noticed how fast Gumbo is? Smokeboots.

MargoPosted on1:41 pm - Dec 11, 2015

That’s a lot of ground to cover with sand bags. Nicely Done Fire Hazard.

Fire HazardPosted on1:44 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Gumbo has been heading out to swift alot. Bratwurst is a smoke boot cobbler. He has even helped me get faster, and If he can help me he can help anyone.

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