Over and back again

  • When:12/11/2015
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Barnacle (kotters, former Squid), Countertop, Hair Band, Hoodie, Kiefer, Mr. Jingles, Shepherd, Spielberg, The Count, Glass Joe (QIC)

Over and back again

The foot is starting to feel better. Better shoes for running, inserts in my normal shoes and I’m following a stretching and icing plan and it’s not 100% but it’s more sore than painful right now. And I was once told the difference in a true runner and a person who runs is that the true runner will run through the soreness. Thus, it’s time to run so let’s go.

The Thang

Hairband Half Mile


SSH IC x25
IW IC x20 (Oh Look, it’s Spielberg)
Honoring Spielberg’s lateness: Burpees OYO x10
Mountain Climbers IC x20

Mosey to the side of the parking lot.

No Parking sign suicides. Oh wait, a suicide ladder up and a suicide ladder down. This was clearly popular due to the #mumblechatter. Plank until everyone is done.

Mosey to the practice field

Four Corners:
Corner 1: Merkins
Corner 2: Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 3: Mountain Climbers
Corner 4: Burpees until the pax completes the first 3 corners (apparently demotivational)

Round 1: OYO x10 at the first three corners
Round 2: OYO x15
Round 3: OYO x20

Mosey back to the parking lot.

No parking sign suicides….ladder up and ladder down again. Extremely popular now. When I got to sign 8, I said “When you get to sign 8…extended pause…you are half way” Mr. Jingles complained that he had hope for a second and I crushed it. #onpurpose

Squats till everyone completes

Mosey to the wall for The People’s Chair. Told everyone to get a comfortable position on the wall. Then drop an inch. Which they did. The surprise is when I told them to drop another inch. Spielberg complained…..so we sat in that position with arms in front longer than I first intended. Thanks Spielberg!

Air Presses Standard Count x50
Recover to some loud groans as apparently the extra inch made a difference (There’s a joke in there somewhere)
Shepherd shows why he’s a RESPECT not just because of his age by asking if we are going to do it again. Of course we are Pastor. Back to the wall.
Drop it an inch. Oh, drop it another inch.
Air Presses Standard Count x100. Sorry CT, we are in overachiever mode this morning.

Mosey into the parking lot
Dolly IC x51 (why 51 because I just wanted to hear the groans when 50 wasn’t the end and the groans were enjoyable)
Rosalita IC En Espanol x10 (stopped at 10 because the pax were struggling with their Spanish counting so not sure they knew beyond 10). We need you back out Zippidy!!!
LBCs IC x10


Thanks to Shepherd for taking us out

Toy Drive for Alexander Youth Network: CT is your collection Q for Union County
Former Fat Suit Drive: Happy is your collection Q for Union County (fat suit as in those suits/sports jackets you can no longer wear because you have been posting regularly). Benefits veterans who need a suit for job interviews.
12/19 is the day to be at Outland as Commitment needs to do 100 burpees since they haven’t done 100 all year combined.
EE is on Q at Outland tomorrow

It hasn’t rained in a week. Doesn’t mean I couldn’t find the one remaining wet hole to make the pax run through on the way to the practice field. No need to thank me.
All the pax ran hard today. Great to see men pushing hard on those suicides. Shepherd said he agreed that not ever doing the ladder down was a miss by us. #missnomore
Want to know how to get faster, do what The Count and Hoodie did to get faster….ie Keep posting. Great effort men.
Kotters to Squid now renamed to Barnacle since there is another Squid posting in A51. Been working on you for a while and the tag team of Mr Jingles and I was too much to overcome. Great way to push through this morning.
Speaking of Mr Jingles, great to see you this morning. Awesome work brother!
Glad to have Kiefer with us this morning as the GPS was working well. Great job!
Spielberg and Hairband both pushed through those Suicide ladders and then made the pax suffer more on the wall. Well done men!
Great to have Shepherd’s steady influence out there that makes sure we never do anything half-way.
And CT, what in the world with those merkins. I beat you to that corner and I think you finished your 20 merkins while I was still on 12. I am thankful for your push as you always push me harder. #longarmproblems
The #mumblechatter was good today and made the pain easier. Honored to lead men who push me to be better than I was at 5:29 this morning.

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Hair BandPosted on10:44 am - Dec 11, 2015

Great Q, I didn’t like it so I know it was good for me.

While I am still the slowest out there and I’m breathing heavy I am noticing I am getting my endurance back and as of right now my knee is still feeling ok. It’s been a frustrating journey but it’s because of the #2ndF with you guys that I have the desire to keep at it.

And any time you say get in a comfortable position, sitting on the curb will always be my first choice.

By the way, about 2 weeks of no rain how in the world was that field muddy?! #lotsofgeeselivethere #gladitwasdark

Glass JoePosted on11:53 am - Dec 11, 2015

Aye brother! The entire group is noticeably stronger and faster. Just keep pushing to catch that next guy in front of you. And then the next guy. It’s how we #getbetter together

Let’s just assume that it was mud and ignore the smell of our shoes now. It’s all good.

Happy_a51Posted on12:11 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Hairband…SVHS still runs a sprinkler for the sandy fields in the wee am hours. Maybe to dilute the goose poop cause it sure doesn’t help to grow any grass out there!

Happy_a51Posted on3:22 pm - Dec 11, 2015

HB,, were you guys on the soccer/football practice fields next to the tennis courts or over at the highschool practice fields? The soccer/football filed next to the tennis court positively has them, they went off a few times during my sons football practices this past year and I remember Shep Q’ing one morning right after they stopped soaking the field. I don’t think they have them on the highschool football practice field just on the highschool baseball field.

I guess if I would have showed up today I would know.

Glass JoePosted on3:50 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Happy, we were on the soccer practice field this morning but the wetness was between the softball field and soccer field.

And uh yeah, we might have to do penalty burpees due to your fartsack.

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