Dark Parking Lot

  • When:12/11/15
  • QIC: Margo
  • The PAX: Rip Curl (Respect), Hops, Frack, Triple 7, Rehab, Dear Abby, Brisket, Morning After, Voodoo (PR), Paper Jam, Run Stopper, Scabby (R), Gerber, Lorax, Cheese Curd, Chelms (Respect) (PR), Brushback, Abacus (PR), Red Rocks, Kirk, Mermaid (R), Cane (R), Utah (R), Bout Time (R), Margo (QIC)(PR) ***PR = Pre Run & R = Run in from home***

Dark Parking Lot

25 men decided to better themselves this morning. Perfect weather at 48 degrees. Veteran crew today so YHC gave quick disclaimer and off we went.

Mosey to Bonefish Grill parking lot (.30 mi)

SSH X 10
Flutter X 25
Dolly X 25
Heels to Heaven X 25

Mosey across Carmel Rd to parking lot behind Re/Max for the main events

Merkin Ladder:
Run across parking lot for 20 Merkins. Run back for 19 Merkins. You get the point…. Work down to 10.

(Plank work and AB work while waiting on the six)

Triple Nickel:
Slightly graded hill (Carmel Executive Park Dr) from Re/Max parking lot to PNC Bank.
Top: 5 Burpees
Bottom: 5 Jump Squats
Repeat 5 times (each repetition was .20 mi)

(Plank Work and Squats while waiting on six)

Partner Work:
Everyone pair up (size/speed does not matter)
Partner 1 runs to end of parking lot and back while partner 2 completes called exercise. Rinse and repeat with other partner.
Round 1 & 2: LBC
Round 3: Carolina Dry Docks

Run back to launch site with burpees along the way. Total of 3 sets of 5 count each. AYG from McMahan Dr. to Launch site. 10 burpees OYO and we’re done!

Awesome turnout today, nearly doubling up the count I saw for #F3TheBrave (ok, there’s my small jab for the day). We covered 3.25 miles and everyone pushed hard. YHC decided to take the PAX to a different location than usual. There was a curveball when the parking lot for the Merkin ladder was pitch black. YHC did a “drive by” yesterday morning after Rebel Yell and the lights were on. Apparently the lights come on at 06:00. Merkin Ladder was tough as always. It was dark but YHC is confident the PAX maintained perfect form. Run stopper and Mermaid are machines when it comes to Merkins. Run Stopper, that was cruel calling 6 inches in plank work after the Merkin Ladder. As always, a pleasure to lead this fine crew.


Toys for Alexander Youth Network – Please bring gifts next Friday. Escargot attach more details on the types of gifts needed and he will be here to collect. Come on guys… Let’s contribute for this great cause.

Run Stopper – Need volunteers for Holy Angels Wrestling tournament hosted by Charlotte Catholic. 80 wrestling teams at Bojangles coliseum on January 1st & 2nd. Run Stopper will be tweeting out volunteer signup sheet.

Christmas Party – Tomorrow night

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MermaidPosted on9:41 am - Dec 11, 2015

Solid Q Margo. Good bit of running and strength work. Strong crew at Centurion as usual. I had been eyeballing that particular area in drive bys this week. Nice to visit some new territory. Guess I will take that area off the list for my Centurion Q next week. So many options around CCHS. Great start to the day.

MargoPosted on10:27 am - Dec 11, 2015

It’s a good spot for sure. I was debating going to your hood and doing that Meadowridge loop. Looks like it is about a mile though so may be tough to fit into 45 minutes.

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on10:32 am - Dec 11, 2015

New co-site Q got off to a great start. Good change of scenery and the merkin ladder was terrible. Q also deftly wrestled back the lead after the attempted hijack by RS.

Don’t feel bad at all about the chide at The Brave crew – Madame T lights the #firewood every week.

AbacusPosted on11:59 am - Dec 11, 2015

That one hurt. One of the longer Triple Nickels I can recall. And the merkin ladder was a nice kick in the teeth to get things started. Been a while since we had visited that parking lot (Jamboree led us over there a while back). Apparently all of the nearby lots must keep the lights off until 6:00 am. Nice lead Margo.

VoodooPosted on12:38 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Great lead, Margo. Congrats on being awarded the coveted co-site Q title. Way to step up and lead.

That was definitely the longest triple nickel I’ve done and the burpees weren’t appreciated after the merkin ladder.

As always, it was good to post with the boys of Centurion. I enjoyed the Twitterchatter last night as well. Next time, we’ll have to get Jevlar involved, too.

Fire HazardPosted on1:40 pm - Dec 11, 2015

Sounds like a great lead Margo. We will have to get a Q exchange program going. Also, to voodoo’s point I am sure that both this workout and the brave was harder than Jevlar. Let the mumble chatter begin.

EscargotPosted on11:24 am - Dec 14, 2015

Please follow link for the AYN Gift wish list.

This organization provides an incredible service to our community and these children really deserve a some happiness in their lives. Let’s dig deep and help AYN bring at least one fantastic day this year! I will be at the Centurion again this Friday to pick up gifts.


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