4 Weeks to Joe Davis

  • When:12/11/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Strange Brew, Booyah, Dora, Geraldo, Ironsides, Turkey Leg, Nuke, Joker, Nomad, Retread, Early Bird, Chipotle, The Mouth, Slim Fast, Zombie (ruck)

4 Weeks to Joe Davis

With 4 weeks until The Joe Davis Run, we decided to push our mileage up a bit this week.  The plan was simple… the running… not so much.

The Thang:
1.  Dynamic stretching in parking lot… head to track.
2.  1-mile warm-up;  final dynamic stretching while Slim Fast explains the routine:
3.  Run 400m at I-pace, then 800m at I-pace + 10-15 sec/lap, then back to I-Pace for final 400m.  After the mile, recover jog pace for 5 mins (we regrouped).  That is 1 set… we did that x3.
4.  Final stretching… Done!!

My watch captured 6.25 miles, so most everyone got 6-6.25.

Excellent job again out there!  This seems like a simple workout, but even within the set, after the 3rd lap, you are really huffing!  Hopefully everyone was able to meet their target lap pace using the iPad timer.  This workout both builds endurance and v02, plus works on developing the ability to increase your pace at the end of the race.

T-claps to Dora and Geraldo and for the pre-Ruck, and then joining Mountain Goat… and Zombie for the pre-ruck, then 1-hour of ruck v2.0!

Great to have Ironsides out for I believe to be his Mtn Goat FNG.  Excellent job!

Joker and Turkey Leg led the pack on all of the sets, but nobody was very far behind them!  Great effort from everyone!

1.  If anyone can help Geraldo on Christmas Party at 5:00, please come early.
2.  Bring toys for Alexander Youth Network to the Christmas Party, or to any workout between now and 12/19.
3.  If you have any clothing you would like to donate to Tailored Made, bring those to workouts as well.  We will get them to Happy.
4.  Be watching for a potential 12/26 Boxing Day version of Mountain Goat so that we don’t lose a week heading to Joe Davis Run.
5.  If you are interested in running on a 12-man Blue Ridge Relay team, contact Slim Fast at mcalisterlance@gmail.com.  This will be a great opportunity if you’ve never done one before.

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Strange BrewPosted on4:06 pm - Dec 11, 2015

I personally found that to be relatively painful and can definitively say that the last rep was not quite at the right speed, although the effort was there. Slim Fast that was terrible in a good sort of way 🙂 Nice work!

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