Who’s the Q?

  • When:12/09/15
  • QIC: Baracus
  • The PAX: Peyton, DDs, Bridges, Voit, Vamos, Arena, Baracus

Who’s the Q?

6 (then 7) men decided to stick around, even though YHC had no shovelflag, and endure the pain that was ahead of them.

The Thang

Mosey to the basketball court for COP

  • SSH x 20
  • Low Slow Squat x 20
  • LBC x 20
  • Merkin x 20

Foul shots – make it = 5 burpees for all, miss it = 10 burpees for all

  • 3 made it, and 3 missed…for a total of 45 burpees

Mosey to playground

  • AMRAP pull-ups

Mosey back to parking lot, grab a rock out of culvert area:

  • Partner sit-ups with rock (20 each)
  • Partner rock hand-off (sorry, don’t know what to call it) x20

Mosey to half wall by the school

  • 20 step ups
  • 20 derkins
  • 20 dips

over to the nearby wall for peoples chair and BTW, then back to the half wall

  • 10 step ups
  • 10 derkins
  • 10 dips

Mosey toward the stadium, with a passthrough bear crawl alley

Elevens at the stadium

  • 1 merkin at the bottom, 10 jump squats at the top
  • 2 merkins at the bottom, 9 jump squats at the top
  • 10 merkins at the bottom, 1 jump squat at the top

Around the corner for some more peoples chair

AYG from speed bump to parking lot

Circle up for MOM in the parking lot

  • Flutter x 15
  • Dolly x 15
  • Obiques x 15 (both sides)


Well…Bushwood was supposed to lead this morning, but a site Q fail by YHC led to a workout led by YHC.  Turns out reading a calendar is not my strong suit…so Bushwood fartsacked, a twitterless Arena certainly didn’t get the message the he was up a week early, therefore the pax was stuck with YHC.  Oh…and I also left the shovel-flag at home.  #comedyoferrors

So we were off at somewhere around 5:30 and we headed to basketball courts.  As I was leading the COP I noticed a lonely basketball sitting on the court.  Not the most original idea, but decided to see how good the group was at foul shooting.  Better than usual it turns out…we were 50%!  Not exactly scholarship material, but everyone sure appreciated a few less burpees.

Arena joined us after the shootout.  Turns out he forgot what day it was and posted at Meathead first.  Apparently YHC is not the only guy who can’t read a calendar.

The rock work was a little less than stellar.  Was supposed to be ab work, but I think everyone figured out that it was more arms than abs.  And the partner rock hand-off thing certainly didn’t accomplish what was intended.  Dispatch rocks and move on!

Wall work was exactly what the doctor ordered.  YHC and DDs quickly figured out that the vertically challenged should pick the shorter wall.  More homeage to DDs as we hit bearcrawl alley.  Then the 11s on the stadium steps, coupled with the jumpsquats was just brutal.  Definitely a full body workout today.  Hope everyone got their money’s worth!  Great job men!

There were no announcements this morning.  Thanks Arena for taking us out with a prayer.

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