The Maul

  • When:12/09/15
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: (15) Wingman, Rip Curl, Frazier, Strawberry, Squid, Fire Hazard, Freon, Lioness, Heartbreaker, Hops, Irish Cream, Happy, Yogie, Gooney, Tootie,

The Maul

No drama today – just a solid workout at the Maul. Some notable absentees but we won’t call you out – you know who you are (Loogie, Mic Check, Haggis, Tussauds, Bean, Outback, and others…).

Warmup: all 20 reps: SSH, Squats, MC, Merkins, LBC.  Mosey to grass hill at right of movie theatre for 5 hill runs. Mosey to top of Murderhorn.

Workout: Ran down Murderhorn and stopped at each lamppost, the stop sign, the rock pile, then up to the recreation parking area. At each stop, 10 Merkins (60 total).  Mary x 20 of each: Flutter, Dolly, Heels to Heaven, Mason Twist, Freddy Mercury.

Broke into 2 groups for stattions 1) benches under the gazebo, 2) Swing set / monkey bars.  Station 1: reps of 10 x 20 x 30 of Derkins, Dips, Step-ups. Station 2) reps of 10 x 20 x 30 of Pull ups, Merkins, Squats.  Repeat stations again with reps of 3×10 at each station. Groups converged in the middle for planks and 6 inches merkin holds.

Mosey to rock pile. With heavy rock,  2 x 15 Squat-curl-overhead press as single movement.  2 c 10 Diamond Merkins on the rock.  Mosey to stop sign at bottom of Murderhorn. Starting at bottom and running to the top with stops along the way, burpees 5x4x3x2x1.

Mosey back to movie theatre wall for People’s Chair for 6 minutes with an Indian Run – group stays in People’s Chair while last person runs to the top of staircase. Rotate til all run the stairs.

Finished in parking lot with bear crawls for 5 parking spaces with Merkins at each space – 2x4x6x8x10.


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4 years ago

No Moleskine Frehley’s? Weak sauce. And what’s with the “Monchichi” tag?

Apparently I’m not a bear for details, but as we were launching this morning, I noticed the towel tucked into Frehley’s waist. I, of course, asked what’s with the towel. FC informed me he always has one…what in the world? Quarterback wannabe? I think I can speak for the entire pax in saying no one, and I mean no one, wants to be your center if you’re the QB. He did mention it’s come in handy when he’s had to disappear into the woods a time or two. Please tell me you don’t make your M wash that monstrosity.

A couple other notable things:
* Frazier clearly tapering for Kiawah marathon. Good luck brother.
* Wingman is unquestionably a member of the F3Area51 Form Police, and making a strong push for co/tri captain along with TR & Champagne
* And don’t forget to bring canned goods to the Christmas Party (Mermaid Q’ing food drive) as well as any old suits, ties and shirts (Happy Q’ing this effort)

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