Sir Mix A Lot

  • When:12/9/2015
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Joker, Bulldog, Header, Fletch, Marge, 777 (respect), CMD (respect), Bounce, Strange Brew, Stage Coach, Semi-Gloss, Daisy, Alf, D Chapman (Sorry can't remember your F3 name), Flutie Flakes, Good Hands, Witch Doctor, Back Office, Geraldo, Retread, Cobains for messing up the recording, sound of below to get the credit you so richly deserve

Sir Mix A Lot

The Death Valley faithful rolled in just in time, except for Joker who was his customary 1 min late but he made up for it with an extra run, more on that later.  The weather was a balmy 3C, which is probably in the 30’s on the hard to understand F scale.  And so the pax got at it courtesy of Geraldo’s watch since YHC couldn’t seem to get it all right this morning and actually bring his own.

What the pax did was something like this:

Run around in circles in the parking lot to warm up (and wait for Joker to join)

Quick COT

SSH x 30

IW x 15 (these are less fun when Gummy is not present)

LSS x 10

Quick disclaimer

Partner up

Partner 1 runs to the end of Strawberry Lane and back, yes it’s a mile, no it’s not 1.4 miles, yes I’ve clocked it before (many times)

Partner 2 runs through the set up circuit, spending 1 min each at stations set up:

Jump rope

Resistance band (because jump rope #2 broke early on)

Battle Rope

Sand bag Squats

Weight plate squats (this should help proper form)

Kettlebell swings

Kettlebell rows

Kettlebell Push Press

Kettlebell pax choice

Medicine Ball partner toss

Two full rounds were completed except for Joker who ran an extra mile to make up for the fact that he is too fast (nice work and thanks for running the last part with YHC)

Circle up for some Mary

Flutter x 30

Sid-The-Kid x 12 each way oyo

Dolly x 15

Russian Twist x 10

Heels to Heaven x 10 oyo

The Shore shoulders (insert comments below about the white shorts, you had to be there)

5 Burpees oyo

That pretty much wraps it up, YHC had advertised a merkin less workout, Header was disappointed and is kind of an extra credit guy anyway so he was spotted doing a few sets in between, nice work.  It seemed like there was some loosely organized confusion on the stations, bad Q on YHC part, will put up numbers next time to be more clear, always a trade off between too much explanation and just getting at it.  Otherwise YHC spotted many strong efforts, especially on the run part, many pax coming back sweating pretty hard from the mile, of note CMD was pretty quick, great work for RESPECT.  A few pax found running buddies and mixed in a little 2nd F, that is a good modification for sure, YHC would have liked to have done that but was breathing too hard.  Really enjoyed the Q today, thanks for the opportunity, appreciate the flexibility of the pax to modify as needed on the stations to make sure  you were pushing yourself, that is how this works after all.


AYN Toy Drive, bring those toys out this week and next and hand it to one of the toy Q’s, link below:

A51 Christmas party:

Joe Davis Run sign up, all the pax did 2 miles at least, another mile and you’ve got a 5k covered #noexcuse


Last, as always, and last shall be first is the great takeout and reminder by Header of the upcoming season to be contemplating God coming to live with us and what that means.

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Stage CoachPosted on9:28 am - Dec 9, 2015

Great workout, SB. I enjoyed the circuit stations. I still swear the run was longer than 1 mile, despite what my watch said.

JokerPosted on10:01 am - Dec 9, 2015

Not only was I a minute late, but I took a five minute bathroom break during the workout as well; I’m really starting to like the outhouse access at SCMS. Great seeing Bulldog do his side straddle hops without raising his hands much above shoulder height… let’s just call it the British Side Straddle Hop. And good to see Header showing off the biceps this morning.

Great work out there today Strange Brew.

FletchPosted on12:41 pm - Dec 9, 2015

Great Q Brew! Enjoyed the gear and the running. Gotta give credit where credit is due – SemiGloss also went against the grain and Q’s instruction to knock out an extra 1 mile run.

Coal Miners DaughterPosted on8:57 pm - Dec 9, 2015

Brew – thanks for the Q and the mention in the BB. I have been accused of being pretty quick at a few things but running has never been one of them.

Retread_a51Posted on10:27 am - Dec 10, 2015

Great Q Strange Brew! I was present for the beatdown, but didn’t make it in the BB.

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