• When:12/09/15
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Enron, Bratwurst, Legal Zoom, Silicon, Frack, Stumphugger, Soft Pretzel, Turtle, Shampoodle, Probation, Grease Monkey, Bananas (QIC)


12 Strong for a rock intensive workout at Dromedary.

Warmup Lap
SSH x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Bows x 10 count
6 ” x 10 count

Jog to the rock pile and pick out a lifter

Back to the station to set the rocks down then take a lap (1/2 of big lot)

5 sets of:
10 Upright Rows w/ rock
20 Merkins
30 Thrusters w/ rock


5 Sets of
20 Curls w/ rock
20 Lunges w/ rock (10 each leg)
20 Overhead tricep extensions w/ rock

Take the rocks back to their home


Circle Up
50 Merkins OYO

Moleskine: Great group pushing it hard out there today. Not a typical boot camp but should have been a full body workout. Mumblechatter was minimal outside of Bratwurst and I lobbing softballs at each other between sets. Great to keep seeing new faces at Dromedary. Please go on signup genius and sign up to lead a workout, you guys are all ready and the best part of this is getting new workouts from different Q’s. Thanks for allowing me to lead today.

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BratwurstPosted on10:10 am - Dec 9, 2015

Great one Bananas! Glad we found the shortcut to the rock pile that avoids the Ho Chi Minh trail.
I will crawl under my desk at lunch back into the fetal position to recover.
Here is the Sign-up Genius link. We have a Q for next week, but we need a Christmas Week Q (YHC is out), and beyond is open as well.

BananasPosted on12:44 pm - Dec 9, 2015

My legs…. Great call B, that trail is a death trap!

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