Holiday Spirit

  • When:12/09/15
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: Cheese Curd, Horsehead, Mario, Utah, Thunder Road, Mermaid, Van Pelt (R), Cain, Steinbrenner, Iron Horse (R), Lorax, O'Tannenbaum, Scabby, Turkey Leg, Lobstah Roll.

Holiday Spirit

16 men gathered in the gloom around the #badassblack shovel and red, white and blue flag. Those colors may not run, but we did, off into and around the nicest and largest parking lot in the A51 AO.


  • Warmup run around the lots, mixing in shuffles, high knees, buttkickers and skips. Yes, skips.
  • COP: SSHs, burpees, IWs, burpees, squats, burpees, planking
  • Run to rock pile, grab a large rock and mosey with rock to parking lot adjunct Hwy 51.
  • Santa’s Roast Beast:
    • Using my holiday-themed deck o’ cards, we picked cards to identify which exercise we would perform in “beast” format (6 stations, run from station to station performing X number of reps at each station).
      • clubs = curl and press with rock
      • hearts = squats
      • diamonds = merkins (not diamond merkins)
      • spades = Q’s choice
    • Completed about 2 sets of each suit, rep amounts ranging from 6-10
  • Return rock to pile
  • Line up and run 3-man sprint grinders, move few steps closer each time.
  • Return to cars for quick flutter x20 and freddie mercury x20


  • For the record, I have no idea where I got a Santa-themed deck of cards.
  • Everybody made a poor rock selection today. Qs instruction to pick a rock “larger than a running rock and smaller than a lifting rock” resulted in rocks that were painful no matter what we did with them.
  • Mermaid may be the fastest merkin-maker in A51. Seems to have decent form, too, although I’m not bald enough to be an expert on such things #formpolice.
  • Poor Q selection on the first round of spades. Turns out that 6×6 of turkish getups are awful. Even if no one was really doing them right.
  • Decreasing distance on the sprint grinders resulted in super-short sprints at the end. Almost had to audible to hand-slap merkins we were so close.
  • Mr. Construction Worker gave us a pretty weird look as we ran by him on our way to return the rocks. I still think we should have tossed our rocks in the back of his truck and thanked him for his service.
  • Everybody was pushing it out there today which meant there were no notable performances proving once again that if everyone is special no one is.


  • A51 is collecting canned goods, toys and dress clothes, You have no excuse not to donate something. Bring canned goods and dress clothes to the holiday party (donate the dress clothes, wear the ugly sweater). Bring toys to the select AOs collecting, or just give them to Mermaid or me. See email of the week or DM me directly for more details

In light of this morning’s prayer request shared by Horsehead, take a moment to hug your wife and kids, and pray for each of them while also praying for the hurting family. If nothing else, consider 2 Samuel 12:16 and 22-23.


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MermaidPosted on4:43 pm - Dec 9, 2015

Solid Q YL. My rock was definitely a poor choice, but I managed, just like the rest of the men of Anvil.

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