The Foxhole Menu

  • When:12/07/15
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Icky Shuffle, Cocoa, Irish Cream, Peebles, Wild Turkey, Freon, Voodoo, High Tide (QIC)

The Foxhole Menu

8 queued up for the weekly buffett known as Foxhole and found nothing but meat & taters on the menu – and lots of ’em!

The Thang:


  • Alternating 1-handed swings – 10 IC (switching hands on the pax count)
  • Halos – 5 OYO each direction
  • Prying Squats – 3, with variations

Mosey to field

The Meat:

  • Turkish Carry, Right side – begin with Turkish Getup, hold bell in top position & waiter carry ~ 30 yards, then return to the ground via the 2nd 1/2 of TGU, of course (don’t just drop it!)
  • Turkish Carry, Left side – see above
    • Rinse & Repeato 3 more times (totalling 8 TGU’s & 8 waiter carries- 4 per side of each)
  • 100 1-handed swings – 10 swings at the top (R) and bottom (L) of each minute

Mosey to the playground

The Taters:

  • Pullups – 5
  • Clean & Press – 5 per side
  • Teabag Squats – 15
    • Rinse & repeato until time called

Mosey to parking lot

Assorted Veggies:

  • Russian Twist – 10 IC
  • Flutter Press – 10 IC
  • Louganis – 7 OYO
  • Pullovers – 7 OYO
  • Deck Squats w/ KB – 5 OYO
  • Alternating 1-hand swings – 30 seconds




Naked Moleskine:

For some, the Turkish Getup was a new favorite (“I think I hate you already” was declared), while for others it is an old favorite (ok, there aren’t many of us).  Regardless of which camp you fall into, like meat, taters, & veggies, it’s good for you, so we had a heaping helping.  And, to break up the monotony, we mixed waiter carries right into the middle.

Pulling into the parking lot, YHC spied the field we ended up using, audibling out of the long suitcase carry that was planned going to the crumb-rubber soccer field.  The short carry robbed us of the planned grip test; however, we made up for it with extra time on the playground.  You’re welcome.

100 1-handed swings in 5 minutes surprised some of the pax.  It begins so easy.  If it wasn’t hard by the end, you may be ready to move up in KB size…

We don’t get enough pullups in our workouts, as evidenced by YHC’s declining ability to do them, so they’re worked in amost every time possible.  Again, you’re welcome.

Thanks to Mall Cop, in absentia, for introducing YHC to Deck Squats.  Not really sure what all they work, but they’re a fun novelty, at least.

Big thanks to Voodoo & Peebles for helping out with form and pointers for the pax.  It really makes all of us better when veteran pax notice and help other pax seeking to learn a new or perfect a familar exercise.  T-claps!

Thanks for the Foxhole hospitality and the invitation to lead.  It’s always an honor.


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VoodooPosted on5:28 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Thanks for joining us down south, High Tide. We should carpool next time!

That was a great workout and an excellent example of how to put together a solid beatdown with a few key moves. Like you said, nothing fancy.

The TGUs are always a crowd pleaser, so thanks for bringing those out. They take a little getting used to, but once you get the form and steps down, they’re a surprisingly difficult exercise. We’ll be seeing those again soon.

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