The 3rd F is for “Frank and Beans”

  • When:12/08/15
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: Sundancer, Krypto, Bellaire, Talk Box, Iron Mike, Swiper, Kirk, Voodoo (QIC)

The 3rd F is for “Frank and Beans”

7 studly dudes and Kirk (see below) met up at Old Providence Elementary School for this week’s installment of SOFAWIB. It was a brisk morning, but nothing this group of regulars couldn’t handle.

The Thang was pretty much exactly what YHC described in the pre-blast here.

All groups got through at least 3.3 laps and the leaders (Swiper and Kirk) completed 4.3 for a total of:

  • 40-50 v-ups
  • 40-50 dumbocrats
  • 40-50 jump squats
  • 15-20 burpee pullups
  • 60-80 WWII situps
  • 60-80 derkins
  • 60-80 bench squats
  • 60-80 dips
  • 3.3+ miles of running

Thanks to Kirk for taking us out in COT and reminding us of the things we may be taking for granted.


YHC had to rename this workout between the pre-blast and this morning after Kirk showed up wearing tights with no shorts. #nuffsaid #jigglyballs We kid because we love you, Kirk. Really.

Here are my thoughts on this morning’s activities:

  • Just when you think it couldn’t get any darker on that stretch of Rea Road between the hedges and HT, a car comes over the hill and blinds you to the point where you careen into a tree. Good times.
  • A lot of random people out there this morning. On the way back from the first trip to HT and back, a pair of tomatoes peeled off of Rea and turned into Chadwyck. Where did they come from? Did Swiper’s emissions scare them off? On the closing mile, there was another pair of tomatoes running upstream and at one point during the workout, a dude (I think it was a dude) and his golden retriever came running out from behind the school. Where did he come from?
  • Kirk and Swiper are fast. I’m not sure they’re doing all of the exercises, but they are flying so who am I to judge?
  • A lot of sneaky fast PAX out there this morning as well, with Talk Box, Iron Mike, Bellaire and Krypto all flying. The only two slow dudes are apparently YHC and Sundancer. At least I’m in good company.
  • If you haven’t tried SOFAWIB, you should definitely check it out. You don’t need to be fast, you just need to be willing to grind it out and push yourself. It will make you faster and stronger. Plus, the 2nd F is always entertaining and distracts you from the pain.
  • Sound off in the comments below if you have anything to add. I know you will…


  • Sign up for Church on the Street. Area 51 has committed to supplying 5 PAX on the first Sunday of each month and it’s a great experience. Very well organized and no previous experience necessary. Sign up info is here.
  • Area 51 Christmas party is this Saturday. Sign-ups are closed, but info can be found here. Don’t forget to bring your donation for the Cavalry Food Pantry.
  • Alexander Youth Network Toy Drive. See info here.
  • Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run – January 9th. See info here.

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SundancerPosted on9:03 am - Dec 8, 2015

First of all, what I lack in speed (8 minute opening mile this morning) I make up for with wit and pluck. And since you’ve decided to Q thirteen times a week you’ve gotten a little too fit, which is why I moved my feet up to your neck on the dumbocrats. You’re welcome.
Second, I’m not going to continue to allow the pax to fuel Kirk’s insane need for attention. Which is why Iron Mike is showing up in spanx next week to deflect.
Lastly, I told Swiper/Kirk to “go %^& themselves” and called Krypto and TalkBox “bullsh!tters.” I don’t take it back, but I regret it.

    VoodooPosted on9:08 am - Dec 8, 2015

    That wasn’t meant as an insult as I’m right back there with you. You definitely put the chatter in the mumblechatter on Tuesday mornings. I completely agree with that statement. I was wondering why your legs felt twice as heavy on that last set of dumbocrats. Now I know.

    I’m now dreading Iron Mike’s Q next week even more.

    Never change, Sundancer.

      KirkPosted on10:02 am - Dec 8, 2015

      Swiper pulled me along and did all the exercises. I did something to my back, eyeing cough syrup that has codeine at the moment as this ibuprofen isn’t working, and cut way back about halfway through. I was dragging on the final mile with my back. I tried chatting up Sundancer on the final mile, and he sounded like one of those old “rabble rabble rabble” guys, OR he was belligerently drunk. I couldn’t be quite sure.

One EyePosted on10:21 am - Dec 8, 2015

Sorry I missed the workout but not the Frank and beans ….

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