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  • When:12/08/165
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Freedom (R), Hacker (R), Destiny (R), Bulldog, Header, Harley, Fletch, Arena, Fault Line, Retread, Witch Doctor, Peacock, Young Love, Blazing Saddles, Sanka, & Alf (Q)

Sign up at skunk to get a free elephant

Bulldog was the first man out in the parking lot this morning.  He was ready to shakedown every man as he came to the circle to follow his daughter’s elephant charity on instagram.  The consensus seemed to be that everyone below the age of 30, and Freedom, had instagram.  Sign up now, follow elephants4elephants and help Bulldog’s daughter save some elephants (and I think he said rhinoceros too.)

By the time that all settled in 16 men, including 3 Respects, made it to the parking lot.  Circle up and do 2-handed swings OYO while we wait for Freedom and Fletch to stroll in 1 minute late.  While swinging the KB, find a partner with similar sized bell.

Catch me if you can down to the cones in front of the church.  P1 does 10 Merkins while P2 Farmer Carries both bells.

Once at the church, P1 runs lap around medians.  P2 Farmer Carries both bells up the emergency stairs and back down.  Flapjack and repeat for 3 rounds each.  Flutter Presses in cadence while we wait for all to complete.

Head to the hills for sets of 11’s

Round 1:  Standing push press at bottom, merkins at the top.  Plank when done

Round 2:  Goblet squat at bottom, squat jumps at the top.   Plank when done

Round 3:  Thrusters at the bottom, burpees at the top.

Fast mosey back to cars.  2-handed swings while you wait on the six.



Really strong work by everyone today.  With various bell sizes, and the ability to choose how much hill you wanted to take on, all the PAX got as much as they wanted out of the workout.  The last set of 11’s with thrusters and burpees should have pushed the heart rate right to the top.  3 Respects powered through this one, Freedom, Destiny, and Hacker.  All strong work.  Hacker was a little lost on the first run, post farmer’s carry as he just sort of ran across the parking lot instead of around.  Bulldog and Fletch took the big bell’s and the big hill side of the hill, solid effort and they looked gassed at the end.

Thanks to Harley and Fletch for the invitation to Q Skunk.  Always a great crowd.  Thanks to Bulldog for the send-off this morning.




Alexander Youth Network Toy Drive – See details on website.  Joker is overall lead and many sites have Toy Collection Q’s.  Your site Q’s can help as well.  Let’s show these kids how a strong group of community leaders cares about them and their future.

Area 51 Christmas Party on Saturday.  Bring canned food for Calvary Church food pantry.



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BulldogPosted on11:12 am - Dec 8, 2015

That was a brutal workout Alf. Good job. If you are not on Instagram get on it and get with the times. If Hacker and Freedom are on it we all can pull it off. I need 23 more people to follow elephants4elephants (and yes they save rhinos too!)

HarleyPosted on1:04 pm - Dec 8, 2015

I think the excess food and drink of Thanksgiving have caught up with me. That was brutal. I thought pretty hard about waving the white flag. Well done, just what I needed.

FletchPosted on1:19 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Great Q Alf! The legs were spent after the Jump Squat Round. I was really hoping you wouldn’t call burpees on the final set of 11’s. Combo that with KB Thrusters and that was all she wrote. Appreciate your leadership this morning.

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