Scaling the Matrix

  • When:12/07/15
  • QIC: Turkey Leg
  • The PAX: Smokey, Arena, Witch Doctor, Alf, Lobster Roll, Squid, Madison, Retread, Nomad, Paper Jam, Coal Miners Daughter, Crabcake, Floor Slapper, Turkey Leg

Scaling the Matrix

14 men scaled THE WALL on Monday…

The Thang:

Warm-up run around the school and the fields.  Circle up in back lot for COP:

  • 5 burpees OYO
  • SSH x20
  • 4 burpees OYO
  • MC x20
  • 3 burpees OYO
  • Merkins x15
  • 2 burpees OYO
  • Slow squats x15
  • 1 burpee

Mosey up to playground, partner up.

  • Partner 1 climb the wall, run to first island on back lot, 10 merkins, return, climbing wall again on way back.  Upon return, flapjack with Partner 2
  • Partner 2: Runs out to cones and back, then does set of exercises
    • Round 1: 5x pullups, 20x derkins, 20x dips
    • Round 2: 5x pullups, 20x incline merkins, 20x jump squats
    • Round 3: burpees until your partner returns

Mosey around school to wall.

  • Wall squats, 60 arm presses
  • Lunge walk out to curb, return
  • 20 derkins
  • Wall squats, 60 arm presses

Mosey to track for The Runaround®

Partner 1: run around track
Partner 2: suicide

Round 1:  single lap for partner 1, straight suicide for partner 2, flapjack
Round 2:  two laps for partner 1, merkins 5,10,15 for partner 2, flapjack
Round 3:  two laps for partner 1, LBCs 5,10,15 for partner 2, flapjack

Mosey to front lot.  AYG back to start.



  • Beautful crisp fall morning… perfect for a climb… though the wall may have been a little more interesting with some rain and mud.
  • Enjoyed making full use of the equipment at the Matrix this week.  I think this may be the only AO in A51 with a climbing wall… are there others?  Anyway, good mudrun/spartan training for all you beasts out there.
  • Everyone seemed to keep up on the various rounds through the wall and the Runaround… but clearly smokey smoked us all (even Lobster Roll) on the return – nice job!
  • Above average mileage for the Matrix, clocking in at 3+ miles today.
  • Thanks Alf and Uncle Leo for the opportunity to lead The Matrix.  Always a pleasure.

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