All I want for Christmas is a Hoverscooter

  • When:12/08/2015
  • QIC: Chelms
  • The PAX: Chelms, Van Pelt, Dory, Lex Luthor, Madison, Prohibition, Purple Haze (slow), Turkey Leg, Soul Glow, Gerber, Mermaid, Cane, Gummy, Rock Thrill, Utah

All I want for Christmas is a Hoverscooter

15 of F3’s strongest gathered at South Charlotte Middle School for one of the hardest workouts in Area 51.   Lex Luthor was bundled up like Rocky Balboa while PH and Gummy continued to pour gasoline on the fire (#firewood) that they started the night before on Twittter

The Thang:

Warm up laps with high knees, butt kickers and backwards run before COP.   SSHX15, Mtn ClimbersX15 and Peter ParkersX16.

Head out to 51 and take a left to run to Calvary.  Stop at each intersection for 20 merkins OYO.

Head up into the Calvary parking lot for latest rendition of Bermuda Triangle.   Start on practice field with 10 squats, run to base of hill and bear crawl up to top, 5 hand release burpees, run to light pole in parking lot and do 10 jumping lunges, run to pavilion for 10 dips and 10 decline merkins.   Repeat the circuit 4 times.

Six minutes of mary while we wait for the six.   Run back to the school with the rabbits circling back to pick up the six several times.   Finish with a few gassers.  Got in 5.5 miles per TL’s watch.  I’ll round it to 6.

Naked Moleskin:

Purple Haze and Gummy started poking the Q late Monday night but I was already bundled up and sleeping like a baby.  Given PH’s extended (and I mean extended) IR, I need to get some recommendations from him on hover scooter models as I think he’s been thru several in the last 12 months.  Gummy was more than happy to keep piling on after his Tigers (ORANGE IS UGLY) beat (#COLARULES) my heels Saturday night.

Strong effort by all this morning with Dora trying to lap the field on the triangle while Gerber and Mermaid tried to keep up.   Gerber must have moved up to adult food as he is getting faster every week.

An honor and a privilege to lead this group.


Bring a toy (unwrapped) to support AYN.  Check web site for Q’s taking gifts or just carry one in your car till someone asks.  Lex Luthor and Escargot are both assisting.

Joe Davis Memorial Run on January 9.  Please support Rock Thrill and his family by running this race.  Great cause and tons of fellowship

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on8:45 am - Dec 8, 2015

Not sure I want to allow comments (or even what I did to turn off) but let the lame comments begin.

MermaidPosted on9:13 am - Dec 8, 2015

Another solid Fast Twitch workout. Always enjoy spending time on the Calvary campus. Should have worn my off-road shoes. Seems Chelms is out to get my new Adidas. Good to have Utah back out after short-stint IR. Solid work for first day back. If you haven’t signed up for Joe Davis 01/09/2016, do it. Great race, great cause.

VoodooPosted on11:12 am - Dec 8, 2015

Did Chelms start the Bermuda Triangle before finishing the instructions for the PAX? How does he get a head start when he’s the Q?

HairballPosted on1:14 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Can’t confirm, but word on the street is 10-counts reared their ugly heads again at FT. These site Qs really need to get their site in order. #MakeFastTwitchGreatAgain #notdropcity

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on1:32 pm - Dec 8, 2015

    One ten count was while holding 6 inch plank (#notreallyatencount) and the other was Q fail. However. I think the PAX got their money worth regardless. Critique should be from those who actually show up?

Purple HazePosted on4:56 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Yes, I guess I was slow this morning. But I set a goal and accomplished it…not to hurt myself before Saturday’s Kiawah marathon. Well, almost accomplished it…it seems I did collect a stone bruise bear crawling up the Calvary embankment due to wearing only my running gloves…I hope it heals before the start gun on Saturday. Did I mention I’m running a marathon then?

And yes, if marathon training is what you call “extended IR”, then I am also guilty of that.

GummyPosted on9:28 pm - Dec 8, 2015

Good workout, old man. You threw in a plank, mary or slow down at just the right intervals to let me give it all I had during the hard parts. Except for the bermuda triangle part – I was just trying to stay ahead of Madison and Lex Luthor while leaving enough in the tank to get back to my car. We’ll call that a draw.

I don’t know this Gerber fella yet, but my goodness. He was like a giant Turkey Leg out there. I thought it was Turkey Leg during the “warmup” run, but then I noticed TL was beside me. Huh.

I cannot wait to see what Lex wears in February. His streak of “Rocky” references in FT backblasts is at least 3. He’s going to come out like Ralphie in Christmas Story.

I saw Haze about 2 hours after the workout at Starbucks. Dude cleans up quickly and nicely. He pretended not to know me.

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