Pre-blast: Misery Loves Company

  • When:12/08/15
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: My buddies and me.

Pre-blast: Misery Loves Company

After slacking on Tuesday morning’s hardest workout in Area 51 on Rea Road for the past two weeks, YHC is making his triumphant return as Q. We’re going to keep it simple and try to stay in the relatively well-lit parts of the AO.

Partner up based on speed and leg density (for the dumbocrats). Run to HT and back.

At the baby track:

  • 10 V-ups each
  • 10 dumbocrats each
  • 10 jump squats each

At the playground:

  • 5 burpee pullups each
  • 20 WWII situps each with other partner planking on feet. Flapjack

At the concession stand:

  • 20 derkins each
  • 20 bench squats each
  • 20 dips each

Head back to baby track to start over.

Repeato until 6:06 and repeat the mile to HT.

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SwiperPosted on5:51 pm - Dec 7, 2015

I like your style Voodoo.

DaisyPosted on8:30 pm - Dec 7, 2015

I’m gonna need a v-up demonstration.

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