Late Stonehenge BB (Weekend was filled with supporting the Tigers and recovering)

  • When:12/05/15
  • QIC: Fire Hazard
  • The PAX: The Pax: Dolphin (Kotters), Honey Bee, Haggis, Comish, Wingman, Fraiser, Freheley’s Comet (R), Market Timer, J.R. Tolken, Fire Hazard (QIC)

Late Stonehenge BB (Weekend was filled with supporting the Tigers and recovering)

From what I recall this is “The Thang”……
We headed off towards the Bull ring and circled up for some warm ups. (all in cadence).
20 – SSH
15 – IW
15 – Windmills
15 – Squats (low and slow)
15 – merkins

We then went around the bull ring with 5 burpees at 90 degrees, 10 at 180 degrees, 15 at 270 degrees, 20 at 360 degrees.

Then we lined up in the parking lot for some suicides with 10, 15 and 20 merkins.
Next were bear crawls and lunge walks at the lamp posts and another round that I can’t remember.

After that we headed over to the pond behind the bull ring and partnered up. Partner one runs the lake while partner 2 does Squats. Then flapjack. Second round partner 1 runs partner 2 does merkins.

Next we headed over to the field by the pond, the PAX started whining “it is Frosty and wet, my little boy hands will get cold, blah blah blah” to keep a revolt from happening we went back to the asphalt for some wheelbarrows.
After 2 rounds of those we had 14 minutes left and Haggis suggested that we head over to the Pull-up bars. YHC thought that sounded like a good idea so we were off.
2 rounds of pull-ups and dips with max reps and then it was time to head back. We got to the AO with 1 minute left so we did 15 merkins in cadence.

Right as we finished, Tuck and No Fair wondered up to hang out at the Coffeteria. They were mentioning something about an alarm not going off (or some other fartsacker excuse). Next Gumbo comes wondering in. Evidently he had shown up a few minutes late and had been running around trying to find the PAX.

Cobains for the late BB. GO TIGERS!

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