A little less talk and a lot more action…

  • When:12/7/15
  • QIC: Love Bug
  • The PAX: Gerber, Miss Piggy, Barracas, Steinbrenner, Swiper, Bushwood, Barracuda, Crotch Rocket, Orlando, Pothole, Chappy and Semi-gloss

A little less talk and a lot more action…

…more on that in a bit. 13 pax got better early in the AM on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

The Thang

Run to CMS stopping at each of the 9 driveways on the right alternating between 5 burpees and 5 Turkish getups (if you’re scoring from the FS – 25 burpees and 20 Turkish getups)
Plank for six
COP – SSH x 41, IW x 5 (crowd teaser), MC x 20 and 10 burpees OYO
Partner up for 3 rounds of 4 corners around CMS (speed matters most)
– Each round consisted running around the school stopping in each corner for 20 donkey kicks per partner, 10 burpees per partner, 10 derkins each and both rail climb up ramp
Flutters x 25, over/under x 20 and rosalita x 20
Mosey back to front of school
9 driveways on the left back to Carmel Park so we rinsed and repeated but with x-fit burpees instead (25 x-fit burpees and 20 Turkish getups)
Plank for six
Mosey to bottom of CoC parking lot for light pole suicides with 10 wide arms at the bottom each time
Knee ups x 25 and heels to heaven x 25
AYG back to COT


Crotch Rocket did 25% of the exercises but at least 150% of the talking — right in line with his long term averages

– Race (something Thomas?) in early January that Bushwood mentioned
– AG needs your help tutoring and increasing the holiday kitty for gifts

Thanks to Bushwood for the opportunity to lead and Swiper for the takeout.

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