Would you look at Lumpy! He’s sure grown, huh? And I think his voice is changing

  • When:12/5/2015
  • QIC: Horsehead
  • The PAX: Horsehead (QIC), Countertop, EE, The Count, The Late Show, Game Show, Boondock (2.0), Lamont

Would you look at Lumpy! He’s sure grown, huh? And I think his voice is changing

Eight posted for Outland, with one wearing knee socks with bearded trolls on them and one bearded troll wearing knee socks.  Not sure what to make of the scenery, and somewhat rolling the dice with a belly full of Christmas snacks from last night, we headed off into the frost together.


Group run to the large rock pile near practice field – grab one that makes your momma proud.   Mosey with the rock to the HS back parking lot.

Warmup COP w/ Rock

  • Rockless SSH
  • Rock Squats
  • Rock Stagger Merkins L/R
  • Rock Flutter Press

Partner up – P1 runs 500meter(ish) loop, P2 does called exercise.

  • Rock Squats
  • Rock Thrusters
  • Rock Lunges
  • Rock Louganis

Couple of Mary exercises to regroup – flutter and protractor.

Return Rock to Pile and line up across practice field

11s across the full length of the field – Merkins and Squats.  Each time you cross the midpoint, 5 burpees.

Pinball group run back to parking lot.

Mary under the handrail bars

  • 10 supine pullups IC
  • 10 flutters IC
  • 8 supine pullups IC
  • 10 dollies
  • 6 supine pullups IC
  • 10 LBCs
  • 4 supine pullups IC
  • 10 bicycles
  • 2 supine pullups IC
  • 10 backscratchers
  • AMRAP supine pullup burnout
  • protractor called by Boondock to finish it out


  • Preblast tweet and title referencing the Epic and Unforgettable Star Wars Holiday Special that TR turned me onto yesterday.  You need to watch this thing to appreciate how bizarrely awesome it is.   There are baby wookies, grandpa wookies, an alien cooking show, and a Jefferson Starship halftime video that features someone singing into a glowing popsicle.  That’s just in the first half.  Oh, and it also has Bea Arthur in it somehow – which is just inexplicably fantastic.
  • EE showing up in some new knee socks with giant bearded trolls on the front – couldn’t stop laughing once I saw those things.  Looked like  a mini Late Show on each shin.
  • Speaking of The Late Show – his beard has to be the top beard in all of F3.   It needs a name, methinks.  I think there was a baby wookie nesting in it.
  • The first set of runs were a little longer than I thought they would be – probably 500m.  Hurt so good.
  • The 11s with the burpees in the middle were stolen from some Metro backblasts.   It ends up being 100 burpees thrown into the set.  Major suckage.  Had some second thoughts about halfway through, but if you can’t Q it don’t do it . . . so I choked back the cheese dip and cookies with the little Hershey kisses in the middle and made it happen somehow.
  • Speaking of 100 burpees, Glass Joe better do some heavy recruiting (or blackmail) or he’s going to be strapping those on soon for his little bet thing that I will unfortunately not be able to attend.  Commitment posting with double our number this AM.
  • Lamont killed the runs and the 11s.  Respect strong.
  • Strong group this AM.  Fitness level continuing to rise at Outland.


  • Toy Drive – Countertop on Q for Outland – see email for details
  • JD Run coming up soon
  • Look to emails/twitter for Christmas/New Years workouts.   Lots of fun workouts going on.  Don’t miss the 12 days of Skunk or the New Years Kevlar Relaunch convergence (BYO Shake Weight).  Enjoy your time off and make it out to a site you have not visited before if you have the time.

Random side note:  The M got me a boot and glove dryer a few weeks ago so I would stop reeking up the downstairs bathroom sitting my hats and gloves on the vent.  This thing is great.  Dries shoes, gloves, & hats in no time out in the garage.   Put one on your Christmas list if Christmas lists don’t offend you these days.

Yours Truly,


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