Hill work with thrusters finish

  • When:12/05/15
  • QIC: Doc McStuffins
  • The PAX: Bouncer, Cheddar, Dasher, Doc McStuffins, Frack, Mr Miyagi, Popeye, T-Ball, Snaggletooth, Snowflake(Respect), Shop Dawg(Respect), Short Circuit, Stump Hugger, Transporter, Turtle

Hill work with thrusters finish

15 men, made it out on this cold fall morning. The fun went like this:
The Warm up
25 SSH In Cadence
15 Merkins IC
25 Imperial Walkers IC
25 Mountain Climbers IC
25 Dolly IC
Mosey over to first courtyard
Peoples Chair air shoulder press IC x 30
Mosey to the hill.
Elevens, starting with 1 Burpee at the top of the hill and 10 jump squats at the bottom. Finishing with 10 Burpees at the top and 1 jump squat at the bottom.
Mosey to the back of the school, partnered up, partner 1 did inclined Merkins while partner 2 ran up the stairs and did 15 box jumps, then switched. Then Partner 1 did hand rail pull-ups while partner 2 ran up the steps and did 15 box jumps and switch.
Mosey to the bridge, Bear Crawled across the bridge. Mosey to the concession stand and did people’s chair and some more shoulder air presses.
Mosey to the Track, ran to opposite end of the track and did 15 Merkins IC, 20 Rock Coppers IC and 25 LBCs IC.
Ran to the opposite end of track and did 25 Carolina Dry Docks IC and 20 Bicycle IC.
Then Indian Run for one complete lap to the track.
Mosey to the retaining wall across the Concession stand and did 25 Dips IC
Mosey to the bridge and walk lounge across the bridge.
Mosey Back to the parking lot, where Doc McStuffins had a trunk full of surprises ranging from 10 to 45 pounds, proceeded to do Thrusters with weights 15 reps, then partner up and did sit ups with various weights passing the weights back and forth to each other’s partner, then did 10 more thrusters with weights IC.
Then finished with 25 Dollys IC and 20 Elbow to opposite knee crunches IC.

What a beautiful morning and what best way to started than with this amazing group of guys. Nice work on the hill, that was a tough one I don’t know what was harder the Burpees at the top or getting up the hill, Dasher and Short Circuit flew through it, good work. I was impressed with Frack today he is definitely getting faster and was right next to YHC and Dasher on the track, Cheddar is a bullet that guy can run. Proud of Turtle, Popeye, T-Ball and Shop Dog, this guys have been posting regularly lately and it shows on their workouts. Snowflake and Transporter were strong throughout the whole thing as always. It was nice to see Mr Miyagi, he made the weight exercise look effortless. Bouncer and Snaggletooth good work I hope to see more of you in the future. Thank you to Dasher and Stump Hugger for the advice during the workouts. Thank you to Snowflake for all your support.
Snowflake encourage attendance for next Saturday, since we are competing against to see how has the most attendance losers will do 100 burps per PAX as one set.
Transporter mentioned that Spartan races will start on April and we are trying to make a team.

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Stump HuggerPosted on1:50 pm - Dec 5, 2015

Doc McStuffins is another one of those badass good guys that Ice9 finds. This was a solid Q and nicely mixed up.

The event is called “Show up or Else” challenge and its 12/19/15 with the “or else” part on 12/26/15 you can read all about it here: http://f3nation.com/2015/11/22/show-up-or-else/
It was great to have Cheddar out wh even confessed that the last time he posted Ice9 wore him out. Speaking of Ice9 I sure do miss him. Get healed up soon. Aye!!

SnowflakePosted on5:35 pm - Dec 5, 2015

Awesome Q Doc McStuffins! Creative and and relentless: The surprise party at the end w weight plates flying out of the back of the Tahoe was brilliant. #aintoveryet
Great effort by everyone- Bear Crawls across the frozen bridge was a special treat.
Shoulders smoked, legs smoked. Happy tomorrow is no-post Sunday.

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