Championship Day at the Rock

  • When:12/5/2015
  • QIC: Chelms
  • The PAX: Chelms (Q), Gummy, BOGO, Leroy, Stone Cold, Boerewert, Dead Lift, Head Hunter, Fragile

Championship Day at the Rock

There was no burnt Orange in sight as nine men gathered in the chilly morning at The Rock to get the weekend started off right.   Tarheel fans (well – fan) showed up in bright Carolina Blue jacket.

The Thang:

Warm up run in the parking lot before COP – SSHX20, MerkinsX20, FlutterX20, Mtn Climbers20, and SquatsX20

Jog over to rock pile for a lifting rock (Gummy conveniently didn’t hear the type of rock required).  Three circuits of curls, push presses, and lateral extensions followed by sprint down to next light pole and back.   Ten, fifteen, and twenty reps for the three circuits.

Jog around parking lot, down to NF, up NF, and up to the church to show the path for today’s Bermuda Triangle.    10 squats at first corner, 5 burpees at top of NF, bear crawl 25 yards, and 10 Sister Mary Catherines at last corner.   Three laps with 10 and 15 burpees on laps 2 and 3.

Run over to small covered picnic area for circuit of dips, decline merkins, and step ups with 10, 15, and 20 in order for each circuit.

Jog over to parking lot for Merkin ladder with sprints in between.    Sprint down, 1 merkin, sprint back, 2 merkins, up to 10.   We alternated karaoke, backward runs and regular runs for the 10 sprints in between merkins.

Jog over to play ground for 20 total pull ups as fast as you can.

Back to starting point for final COP – DollyX20, RosalitaX20, FlutterX20, and finish with 30 IW’s.

Naked Moleskin:

Brisk morning and YHC didn’t realize how cold those rocks were.   Called audible after third set due to cold hands.  Stone Cold noted I needed to buy winter gloves – duh.

No smack talk from Gummy when I arrived with Carolina Blue jacket on so maybe he’s a tad worried for his Tigs.  Don’t forget your binoculars and extra coat for the nose bleed seats – I’ll be nice and warm down in the luxury box.

Interesting collection of names as I had to get repeated several repeated 3 times plus BOGO.  BOGO made sense once he told me what it meant.  What I thought sounded like Vrigolli was Fragile – language barrier even though we’re all speaking English. What does Boerewert mean ?

Don’t forget to cheer against Clemson – we are in NC you know.

Great group this morning with everyone pushing hard.


Christmas party next Saturday.  Bring food for donation (bring it to Saturday workout if not attending).  Also, look on web site for toy drive for Alexander Youth Network.   Several site Q’s are collecting gifts the next two weeks.

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BoereworsPosted on5:14 pm - Dec 7, 2015

Great workout, felt great working out after a week off (stupid cold), except for the part where I lost all feeling in my fingers.

“Boerewors” is the correct spelling, haha, it is South African Sausage ( You can thank McGee for naming me, that man knows way too much about South Africa!

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