Repetitive Actions

  • When:12/03/15
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: Mall Cop, Wolfman, Haggis, Buttermaker, Swayze, Bratwurst, Prohibition, Hairball, Outback, JR Tolkien, Ironsides, Mario, Rock Thrill, Frazier, Honey Bee

Repetitive Actions

15 men decided to get on the Bratwurst bandwagon and train for Joe Davis 5k/10k Run greatness.  Bratwurst has laid out an 8 week plan (we are on week 3 currently) to get us in great running shape, grow more hair, and get promotions at work.  Actually only one of those is true, but that one is really true.  The guy is a scientist.

So the plan for the day was to head up to the #DangerZone so named because the sidewalk up Rea Rd to 51 is precarious with jagged edges and slick mud holes.  Our own Stump Hugger proved the danger involved on our first outing to these parts where he proceeded to find one of the mud holes and took a dose of sidewalk to both knees.  After concluding his Q’ship of the day, he was seen with blood draining into his socks.  #Dedication

But now back to the plan of the day.  It was to get North past 51 on Rea Rd and run one mile out and one mile back at T-pace followed by a 2 minute rest.  This was done a second time.  The third 2 mile interval was out 1/2 mile and all the way back to the parking lot.  To get the full 2 miles of the final interval required a 0.1 mile out and back on Bevington Place.  Total distance was around 6.5 miles.

The intervals were great on the 1 mile out part because they were rolling down hill the whole way.  However, this ease came with the price of having to run back up the hills for the second mile.  It was difficult.  #ironsharpener

It was nice to welcome Swayze and Mario out to Devil’s Turn for the first time.  It was a rough one to start on but hopefully it didn’t disappoint.  We will welcome their strong running style any day of the week.  Actually DT is only on Thursdays, but you get the point…

Bratwurst and Frazier were on some different level of iron sharpening out there this morning.  After the first 100 or so yards of irrational exuberance of some of the PAX (including YHC), they were lost to the early morning gloom far out in front.  This bodes well for Frazier’s upcoming marathon and for Bratwursts Joe Davis run aspirations.

Haggis was uncharacteristically restrained this morning and seems to be saving the aggression for the marathon in a little over a week.  Smart move there.  However, following the marathon there is a new challenge at the Joe Davis 5k.  #beatHaggis  There it’s been said.

Hairball, Prohibition, and JR Tolkien were battling out there as were a big group of the rest of the PAX which seemed to be in different orders each time we circled.  There was definitely some iron sharpening going on out there!

Mall Cop and Wolfman ran the tried and true route out to the SCMS and back.  They are there week in and week out pounding the pavement.  You have to respect it.  Awesome work.


  • Time is running out to signup for the Christmas party
  • Signup for Joe Davis 5k or 10k ( – Note: Haggis is running the 5k and you should try to beat him
  • Food drive and toy drive will be going on over the next weeks.  Watch for preblasts for these opportunities.  Great causes.

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ProhibitionPosted on11:08 pm - Dec 3, 2015

The downhill really was better than the uphill. The tale of two sidewalks.

    BratwurstPosted on11:29 am - Dec 4, 2015

    What is it about seeing the whole course in front of you that makes it feel so long? Seeing the traffic light for at least a half mile on the way back was torture. I might need some horse blinders next time we run there.

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