Reindeer Games

  • QIC: Wild Turkey
  • The PAX: Brisket, Frack, Pop Tart, Bucky, Garbage Plate, Mr. Miagi, Tuck, Cable Guy, Gerber, Morning After, Mic Check, Go Daddy, Commish, Loogie, Market Timer

Reindeer Games

As two gentlemen were still exiting their vehicles, we darted all the way from the cinema side lot to the front lot. While we traversed, we did some warm-up high knees, butt-kickers and side shuffles.

SSH x 15
IW x 15
CCD x 15
Merkins x 15

We picked up and moseyed to the lot near the Rea Rd entrance to Stonecrest for a quick relay. Three-man team raced via bear crawls, crab walks and sprints. (Mary of choice during your break.) Our recovery included five deconstructed burpees.

Then we hauled over to the plaza next to Pearlz and Apricot Lane for the start of reindeer games.

Reindeer Game #1 Hop Wars
Two men hop on one leg while pushing his opponent in an attempt to knock him off balance forcing him to put both legs down. (Repeat opposite leg)

Reindeer Game #2 Plank Wars
Two men in plank position attempt to slap the top of his opponent’s hands five times. (Best of three)

Reindeer Games #3 Arm Wrestling
At the four top tables Pax were seated and arm wrestled. The winners stayed in the tournament until we had our champion. Congrats Fracks! (Dude has sewer pipes for arms.)

We headed back to the cinema front lot for Mary including Dolly, heels-to-heaven, Rosalita and Freddy Mercury.

Reindeer Game #4 Indian Leg Wresting
Bucky handily won this tournament.

We brushed off to the fire lane in front of the cinema for grinders. Three-man team raced and completed a variety of exercises including squats, merkins, Carolina Dry Docks and Peter Parkers.

Two-minutes of HIIT – plank curb taps and toe taps. 30 Merkins to close the set (wide, regular and diamond). YHC took us out.

Today may not have been the most brutal workout, but it was a lot of fun. I had some anxiety about the games, but today’s crew was in good spirits and I didn’t hear any griping. Honorable mentions to Loogie who finished second in both arm and Indian leg wrestling. Tuck and Heartbreaker also advanced far in both contests. (I was creamed in the first round in both tournaments.)

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