Mountain Goat – pre-blast/watch programming news

  • When:12/4/2015
  • QIC: Strange Brew & the clock
  • The PAX: All Mountain Goats in A51 and beyond

Mountain Goat – pre-blast/watch programming news

Short and sweet in the interest of wanting to get this out:

We are now working on our 5k for the Joe Davis Run (pretty sure you’ve all signed up at this point right?  RIGHT?)

400 M at 5K Race pace

100 M recovery

This will be repeated quite a few times, how many is a good question it will be tbd but estimated around 10-12

5K Race pace? Ah yes, one could look it up using our recently acquired mile times (or estimates if you haven’t run one in a while, or find a similar pax and stick with them) can be found here:

Type your mile time on the initial screen then click on the “Equivalent” tab and look up 5k

Stump Hugger is to thank for training YHC on how to make that an actual link, hope it worked.

For those of you experts following along at home this is pulled from an old running planet 5k workout regimen.

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