No one makes me bleed my own blood

  • When:12/2/15
  • QIC: Lorax
  • The PAX: Lobster Roll, Cane, Mermaid, Fragile, Thunder Road, Soul Glow, Young Love, Van Pelt (RESPECT), Mario, Margo, Scabby

No one makes me bleed my own blood

12 Pax parted the fog and mist and did some parking lot work.  If there was a shovel flag I missed it, or could have been lost in the gloom.  My shoes couldn’t handle another wet workout, so only parking lots this time around.  And with an AO like this one, that wasn’t a problem.

Scabby and Margo ran in with a solid 3.5+ showing before the workout.

No FNGs so a quick disclaimer and welcome were given, then off.


Mosey around the 3 parking lots on the 51 side, around the circle at the front to the new courtyard for COP.


SSH x 30

IW x 30

MC x 30

Mosey to the small turnaround circle close to the church.

Anvil Parking Lot Tour 2015

The turnaround was home base, every time we returned it was 10 burpees.  From each of the 6 parking lots running away from the church in a south/southwest direction, the pax ran to the end and performed the following escalator and then returned to home base for burpees before running the next lot.

  • Incline Merkins x 10
  • Incline Merkins x 10, Merkins x 20
  • Incline Merkins x 10, Merkins x 20, Dry Docks x 30

Mermaid led us in some plank work while we regrouped, then to hit the last 3 lots.

  • Incline Merkins x 10, Merkins x 20, Dry Docks x 30, Lunges x 40
  • Incline Merkins x 10, Merkins x 20, Dry Docks x 30, Lunges x 40, Squats x 50
  • Incline Merkins x 10, Merkins x 20, Dry Docks x 30, Lunges x 40, Squats x 50, Broad Jumps x 60

Mosey to the rock pile

Mary 1-2-3

Pax partnered up with each pair combining for the following.

  • 100 Flutter Kicks while partner does rock curls
  • 200 Freddy Mercury while partner does rock tricep extensions
  • 300 (or something like that) LBC while partner does rock shoulder press

Returned rocks and gave it all you got to the cars for COT.


Strong showing by all in attendance today.  YHC stayed up too late watching the Tar Heels and paid dearly, I felt my own pain, bled my own blood.  But can check Anvil parking lots off the bucket list.  Lobster Roll and Mermaid led the charge to the front, but everyone stayed pretty close together.  Garmin (not the kids Angry Birds watch) had us at 2.25, I would have thought more, Margo must have laid back after that prerun, I kid.  Young Love took us out with a great reminder for the week and prayer, good to have you back.  Appreciate the opportunity to lead.

Sign up by Friday for the Christmas Party on the 12th.  Canned goods will be collected for the Calvary food pantry.

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MermaidPosted on11:07 am - Dec 2, 2015

Well done Lorax, that was a tough one for sure. Definitely feeling that all over. A lot strength work and running. The 6th parking lot was tough, not just because we had done so many merkins, incline merkins, squats, lunges, and burpees, but throwing the 60 broad jumps on there really hurt. Again, nicely done and thank you for leading today.

Welcome to Anvil site FNG Mario. Great to have YL back with us. Strong work by all today. Good luck to Van Pelt in his 1/2 marathon Saturday. Get it done

Lorax_a51Posted on2:52 pm - Dec 2, 2015

I for sure underestimated the upper body escalator, those dry docks were painful.

MargoPosted on3:25 pm - Dec 2, 2015

Well done Lorax. Don’t know what I think about your appreciation for the escalator exercises. This was definitely tougher than the 4 corners.

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