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  • When:12/01/15
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Daisy, Cheese Curd, SemiGloss, Swiper, Brushback, One Eye, Kirk

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There were six of us standing around in a circle (no rain – thanks, #Cantorre), waiting for the clock to move three more minutes to 0530 when Brushback rolled in and completely ruined the even numbers.  Guess there would be a group of 3 today for 2-man grinders.


Mosey down Swan’s Run, take a left, go around the “we don’t want to be a cut through street” barricade, take a right, step into a deep puddle, jump a fence, squish around the green, and stop on the cart path.

P1 does exercise, P2 runs to almost the pond.  Flapjack repeatedly.

Partners combined to complete 100 burpees, 200 merkins, 300 squats, bunch ‘o knee ups (no group quite finished 400).

Run back.


Very simple workout that hopefully delivered a little bit of everything.  The group clocked about 3.6 miles, and apparently when you run back, there is a hill on Swan’s Run.  Must have missed it on the way out.

Workout like this is as much a mental grind as physical.  The run was probably 250-300 yards, if the 100 yard marker was right, which was just quick enough to get some exercise reps in and barely enough time for the heart rate to drop before it was time to run again.  This was not the easy welcome back that I wanted after a weekend away.  Definitely struggled today.

Noteworthy performance from #camoshirt.  Couldn’t see him, but you could hear his words, and bodily functions, from near and far.  I managed to make it the entire workout without saying a word about Saturday to Brushback.  Curd brought the light today.  He’s figured out the alarm clock, but couldn’t turn off his interior light…then provided the only headlamp for navigating across the fence.  #TetanusFTW!  Daisy was there.  Didn’t hear him utter a word…just kept his head down and worked.  I think he was the only one of the triumvirate with SG and Curd that counted reps.  I’m still unsure how SG manages to sweat so much while doing so little.  One Eye seemed like he barely broke a sweat as he carried the heavy lifting of our team reps.  Good times out there today, boys.  We’ll be back at it next week.


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Cheese CurdPosted on9:17 am - Dec 2, 2015

Another fine lead Kirk! You’re right, now that I figured out my alarm clock, I am not sure why I keep coming back…this is a tough 45 mins! Something about the bookend mile runs that haunt me!

Swiper and One Eye were killing the burpees this AM…Daisy and I to a few moments to take it all in.

Speaking of moments, what a polite group of men this AM, Swiper stepped aside to pollute the morning air and Daisy took his moment or 2 by a nice group of trees. Guess the run in got him!

Lastly, I found out that Daisy was a hiking guide in his earlier life, would be perfect for comment if anyone from Area 51 is interested.

BrushbackPosted on9:57 am - Dec 2, 2015

Enjoyed the SOFA WIB experience as usual. And thank you for being a gentleman and not rubbing my face in the whooping the Wolfpack took.

KirkPosted on10:54 am - Dec 2, 2015

Completely forgot about Daisy taking a pit stop amongst the trees #notaball. Oh, and I failed to remark about my awesome, hinting pre-blast title: golf movie reference about rain…we went to a rain soaked golf course. That’s just beautiful stuff right there.

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