Thanksgiving Hangover at Stonehenge

  • When:11/28/15
  • QIC: Frehleys Comet
  • The PAX: (7) Loogie, Paper Jam, Fire Hazard, JRR Tolkien, Bevo, Tuck, Cable Guy

Thanksgiving Hangover at Stonehenge

Only 8 men showed at Stonehenge and perhaps there were still some lingering effects of the Thanksgiving holiday. Or in Mic Check’s case, his broken finger from the Thurs a.m. game apparently impacted his ability to run? Actually, it’s hard to give him a hard time when I (Frehley’s Comet) didn’t even play…

Anyway, good workout on Sat morning. We covered over 3.5 miles with lots of different stations including the usual knee walls around the lake, the fitness trail, and the Met Life parking garage.

Warmup, SSH X 20, Squats X 20, Peter Parker Merkins X 10, Mountain Climbers X 20.

Workout: Mosey to lake for two sets of 3 exercises at knee walls. Derkins X 15, Step-ups X 20, Dips X 20. Next wall: Incline Merkins X 15, Lung squats X 10 ea leg, Dips X 20. Mosey to fitness trail. Pullups/chin-ups: 3 X 10, 3 sets high knees through railroad ties. Mosey to bottom of hill at end of parking lot. 3/4 sprint to bridge. Indian run to Met Life parking garage.

In the garage, ran up each flight of stairs and at each level performed burpees: 25 total. 7x7x5x5x5. Ran back to bottom. Ran up to top of parking garage with variations of backward run, high knees, bunny hops, lung walks, bear crawls, karaoke, and sprints and stopped at each level going up and down (16 total stations) for different exercises:  variations of merkins, abs, people’s chair, carolina dry docks.

Ran 3/4 mile back to launch.

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JRR TolkienPosted on9:08 pm - Dec 1, 2015

Thanks for stepping up to lead last minute FC. Was just what I needed to stretch out the body post-Thanksgiving flag football game. #champs

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