Rainy Camp Brings Out The Hearty

  • When:11/30/2015
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Gooney, The Fridge (WD, Respect x2), Irish Creme (Kotters), Abba, Fireman Ed, Strange Brew

Rainy Camp Brings Out The Hearty

A solid 5 pax and a Q set off into a rainy morning to do an uncharacteristic amount of running.  The Thang went like this:

1.25 mile warm up jog

Hill 7’s with CDD’s and Squats

Jog a little more

Partner up

Partner 1 runs up the hill backwards

Partner 2 runs forwards

jog back down


Then repeato the whole thing again

back to Semi-Gloss’ Palace for a few rounds of People’s Chair with Fireman Ed adding in arm raises (nice touch)

Then squats x 20 and merkins x 20 oyo

Parking lot to finish with Mary

Sid-The-Kid x 10 each way

Flutter x 25 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Fan favourite Russian Twist x 15 IC

Knee Ups x 10 IC

That’s it


Sorry to keep this short but a serious effort by The Fridge (double respect) who kept up the entire way and looked good doing it even though it was only his second post (did I mention double respect?).  Great 2nd F with Abba and also Irish Creme, great to see you guys, although they were pretty much Larry Birding the entire time, nice to see.  Had a great time on Q, thanks to Fireman Ed for allowing me the priviledge.


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