It rained. We ran. Heels will make the playoff.

  • When:11/30/2015
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Chappy, Doogie, Pothole, Ms. Piggy, High Tide, Bushwood

It rained. We ran. Heels will make the playoff.

It was raining when I showed up.

Run to Foxcroft (60 diamonds along the way). The road was wet from the rain.

3 man Grinders at Foxcroft
-Man 1 at wall: 20 of each: Dips, Derkins, squats
-Man 2 at Ben & Jerrys: 40 of each: LBCs, Flutters, Dollys
-Man 3 running in between
-AMRAP (it rained at all stops)

Run back to Carmel Park (60 diamonds along the way). Still raining…I stepped in a puddle and my shoes got wet.

It rained during COT.

Pothole with a strong takeout in the rain.

3.2 miles covered; 4 total trips through the grinder (80 of each at station 1; 160 of each at station 2); 120 diamonds.

Chappy and I figured the Heels need to beat Clemson heavily and Stanford needs to lose to USC for the Heels to have a shot at the playoff. We would also have to jump Ohio State. We got this.

It is still raining.

Area51 Christmas party is on 12/12.

Metro Christmas party is on 12/5

Joe Davis 5K/10K is on 1/9. Sign up here.

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High Tide
5 years ago

Simple but tough. Good Q.
Still raining.
Shoes still wet.

Heels in Top 10, in Football!! Is this a sign of end times?? Next thing you know, the Crimson Tide will field a basketball team.

5 years ago

Was it raining this morning? I didn’t notice because I was standing under an overhang lifing heavy things and not running. It looks like you had fun out there, Bushwood. Highly effective, minimally creative. I like those kinds of workouts because you don’t have to waste too much time with instructions.

I hope to see you at SOFAWIB tomorrow morning.

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