#Flash Sale 11

  • When:11/30/15
  • QIC: Dasher
  • The PAX: Transformer, T-Ball, Turtle, Frack, McStuffin, Short Circuit, Legal Zoom, Popeye, Posse, Shop Dog (respect), Dasher

#Flash Sale 11

The Warm Up

Mosey over to the from of the school for some covering

SSH x 25

Merkin x 15

MTC x 25

LBC x 25

Plank Jack x 25

SSH x 25


The Thang

Venture out in the rain to do an Indian run around the bus parking lot then back to the covered area for partner work.

175 Merkins team total rinse and repeat until 175 is completed (2 times each)

P1 run 200m around parking lot

P2 Merkin

Peoples Chair

Jabs x 20

200 LBC Team total rinse and repeat until 200 is completed (2 time each)

P1 run 200m around parking lot



Bicycle x 20

Hammer x 20

100 squats team total, rinse and repeat until 100 is completed (1 time each)

P1 run 200m around parking lot

P2 Squat

Peoples chair w/ shoulder press

100 CDD team total, rinse and repeat until 100 is completed (1 time each)



Plank Jack x 20

LBC x 20

Hammer x 20

Heals to Heaven x 20

Jail break back to the cars.

It was great to see so many guys out on a rainy Monday morning.  The new site makes it easy for the Lawson crew.  With all the rain we didn’t get a chance to explore much of the campus, looking forward to next Monday.

McStuffins is a beast.  I was doing everything I could do to keep up with him.  He is right up there with Ice9 fitness.  He was crushing the Q on the 200m runs.  The guy that was not far behind was Short Circuit.  I keep saying if someone goes to F3 3 times a week you will see big gains.  He is living proof of that.  I am still getting to know the rest of the guys however I can tell there are some of them that are really pushing them selves like T-Ball, Turtle, Legal Zoom and Popeye.  Almost forget to mention it was good to see Turtle, dad of one of my daughters BF.  Frack and Transformers are great leaders to have in the group.  They both work very hard and help motivate the pax.  I must say point out that I saw T-Ball wear a Michigan St. shirt one week then a Michigan the next.  That just doesn’t seem right, maybe a little confused.  Either way I am not a fan of either team being that I am a BUCKEYE!

Thank you Transformer for taking us out.


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Doc McStuffinsPosted on2:14 pm - Dec 4, 2015

Thank you Dasher, That was a great fun workout. As of being at the same fitness level than Ice9…..I can only wish, for now, so far I have not been able to catch up to him on a single workout, the man is a legend, I want to be like Ice9 when I grow up. We truly miss him at Commitment and can’t wait for him to get back. See you all at Commitment in the morning.

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